Color Therapy - Heal your body and soul with colors

Color Therapy

Colors have been an important part of human history right since the ancient ages. Each color has its own distinct effect. Some colors encourage excitement, whereas others make a person angry and yet other colors give a person a feeling of peace and gratification.

From the ancient time 7 prime colors have been considered important. The 7 horses in the chariot of God Sun, represent the 7 colors or the 7 rays of light. A rainbow also contain 7 colors. These 7 colors are linked to the 7 chakras (energy centers) of our body. Each color is related to an individual chakra. The weakening of an individual’s energy center denotes the deficiency of that particular color in the body.

Click on the chakra where your ailment lies

body color chakras crown chakra - brain, pineal gland, endocrine system brow chakra - eyes, forehead, sinus, pituitary throat chakra - throat, lungs, thyroid, endocrine, digestive heart chakra - heart, chest, thymus, feelings solar chakra - intestines, stomach, liver, spleen, endocrine, pancreas sacral chakra - uterus, bowel, prostate, ovaries, testes base chakra - kidney, bladder, hips, vertebrae, legs

This image represents the 7 placement of 7 chakras of your body. Each chakra connects with a zone of the body. Click on the chakra where your ailment lies to learn how you can treat it.