The Indian culture is considered the richest culture in the world. Indian philosophy and spiritualism attracts the whole world. Indian astrology or Vedic astrology is a part of Indian tradition. The term ‘Jyotish’ means light, i.e. astrology is the light by which past, present and future can be seen.

People consider auspicious Mahurats before doing any work so that it gives positive results. Astrology says that good Muhurat enhances the chances of success of any activity undertaken. But sometimes people have to take up a task on urgent basis and do not have the time to find an auspicious Muhurat.

Akshaya is also known as Akhatrij. Akshaya Tritiya is celebrated during the Hindu Tritiya Tithi of Vaishakh Month. Hence it is also known as Vaishak Tritiya. As per scriptures the benefits from any task started on this day never end. The word Akshay means that never ends and which will never end.

The most important desire of a parent is to get their daughter married in a family. They are often in stress about their daughter’s marriage. The girl also gets anxious and curious to know about her would be husband, in-laws and life post marriage. According to Indian astrology the married life.

In north india people generally see the matching of Ashtakoot Milan. In this type of matchmaking there are a total of thirty six points. The level of points indicate how suitable the match is. A minimum of eighteen points should match for the marriage to be considered as ok.

Jyotish UpcharVedic astrology says that there is a direct impact of planets on our lives. If planets in a kundli are found to be weak or are in debilitated then they have a malefic impact on one’s life. So, to restrict the bad results generated by weak planetary positions one should follow the remedial.

Rahu is also considered an inauspicious planet like Saturn. Rahu may cause many problems for the person who has it in an inauspicious position in the kundali. The best remedial way to calm Rahu is to donate iron weapons, blue clothes, blankets, iron sheets, sesame seeds, mustard oil, electrical.

Every planet has its own power and is the lord of its house in the kundali. If a person’s kundli contains any weak or debilitated planet then he may face many difficulties in his life. To reduce the malefic results from the planets, astrology provides remedial methods.

It is very essential to take a few things into consideration before finalizing an alliance for marriage. There should not be a wide difference between the age of the girl and the boy. Financial status is one of the major causes of strife in the family so it would be better for both the families to investigate each.

Astrology considers that a person’s behavior is determined by the position of the planets and the nakshatras at his or her birth time, and the factors of the panchang. In this article we will discuss how Yoga influences human behavior. Let us find out what will be the temperament of the native as per his yoga.

There are many people who want to be an I.P.S. officer. Some are successful, while those who are not able to fulfill their dream to become an I.P.S officer, join the police department at a lower level than I.P.S. or leave the dream altogether. As an Inspector, Sub-inspector, D.S.P, or A.S.P it is the duty.

There are many kinds of professions in the world. Some are involved in managing wealth, others in catering to guests for a fee, others with creating new products, and so on. In this article we will discuss another very important profession that deals with distributing information. That of a journalist.

India is the biggest country in the Indian sub-continent. India is an ideal for the rest of the world for its vastness and equality. India is the ancient civilization of the world with multi-cultural identity and a populous democracy. India is reputed for its rich culture, liberal government and unity in diversity.

According to religious texts Lord Varun is the God of water. We receive water by his generosity. You might have seen that after setting up a tube well sometimes water doesn’t come through it or trickles in a very small quantity. For these reasons a tubewell is rooted out and re-established.

People who want to open a shop hope that their shop runs successfully. But everyone’s desire is not fulfilled. There are people who have to close their shop within a few months of its inauguration. Astrologers say that before opening a shop people should consider auspicious muhurats so that nothing.

There are 16 sanskars in Hinduism. The 3rd sanskar is the simantonnayana sanskar which comes after nishkraman and punsvan sanskar. This sanskar is also performed during the pregnancy of a woman. This is the last sanskar of the pregnancy period of a mother. According to astrologers simantonnayana.

Vedic astrology has given prime importance to the planetary combinations in a kundli. According to astrological principles a planet when independent and when in combination with other planets in a house of the kundli gives different results to its natives.

Established planets (Kayam Grahas) are the planets which are beyond the aspect and combination of enemy planet and their sign and fixed house also do not have any enemy planets. These types of planets are fully established and are very powerful says the Lal Kitab.

Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiac. In this article we will discuss the characteristics of Cancer natives and how they lead their life. The symbol of Cancer is crab. Cancer is the Lord of the north direction. Jupiter is exalted in this sign and Mars is debilitated. Astrology says that water is the predominant element of Cancer.

Ketu is a shadow planet like Rahu. Ketu is always retrograde. A debilitated Ketu may cause accident, which may even need surgery of the native. Cat’s Eye is the gemstone of Ketu which absorbs the energy and power of this planet and transmits them to its natives. Cat’s Eye gemstone protects.

Aquarius is the 11th sign in the zodiac. The symbol of Aquarius is an image of a person with a pitcher of water. Saturn is the Lord of this sign. Aquarius is a male sign which rules the west direction. Air is the prime element of this sign.

Bharani is the 2nd nakshatra in the constellation of 27 nakshatras. Venus is the lord of this nakshatra. The natives of Bharani love to live a comfortable life. Naturally they are fond of partying and indulging in luxurious ways of enjoying their life.

According to Vedic astrology there are 27 nakshatras in the zodiac. By counting special nakshatra Abhijit, the constellation contains 28 nakshatras. A nakshatra day is named after the nakshatra transiting on the day. Astrology says that every nakshatra has its own effects on the natives born under it.

Jyeshtha Nakshatra is the 18th Nakshatra out of the total 27 Nakshatras. It constitutes 3 stars that resemble an earring. According to some astrologers it represents a pendant in the neck. The deity of this Nakshatra is Indra and the ruling Lord is Mercury.

Capricorn is the 10th zodiac sign. This is a feminine sign and is the lord of south direction. Its primary element is earth. Saturn is the lord of Capricorn. Mars is exalted and Jupiter is debilitated on this sign. Natives born in Capricorn are practical and have conventional outlook towards life.

Jyestha nakshatra is inauspicious as it comes under the category of Gandamoola nakshatras. Mercury is the ruling planet of this nakshatra. Scorpio is its native sign and thus Mars also dominates this nakshatra. In this article we will discuss about the influence of Jyestha as the birth nakshatra on the lives

Magha Nakshatra is the 10th nakshatra out of the total 27 Nakshatras. It extends from 120:00 degree to 133:20 degree in the constellation. There is a little confusion regarding the number of stars in this constellation. Some say it is formed by 6 stars and some say it is formed by 5 stars.

Vedic astrology gives huge importance to Nakshatras. It says that a native’s entire life is influenced by his or her birth nakshatra. Her life is influenced by nakshatra, lord of the nakshatra, sign and lord of the sign. In this article we will discuss the nature of.

Amongst the 27 Nakshatras and this one comes on the 4th position. The God of this Nakshatra is Brahma or the creator. The ruling Lord of this Nakshatra is Venus. It is a collection of sparkling stars in the constellation. The logo of this Nakshatra is a bullock cart or a shaft with two bulls. ‘Roh’ means

Horoscope is a combination of two words, Hora which signify hour and scopos the watcher. Horoscope is nothing but a chart of the heavens or a diagram of twelve houses. It shows the zodiac and the position of planets and Nakshatras.This chart of heavens is drawn based on the precise moment of the birth.

Marriage is an integral part of human life. Marriage is not just an occasion but it is a symbol of promise, faith, responsibility and love between two people. According to Vedic principles, a girl should be handed to an able groom in her youth. Parents are serious about their children’s marriage.

Every planet has the ownership 3 nakshatras. Transit of planet in a nakshatra determines its effect. In this article we will discuss the impact of transition of Rahu on planets from Jupiter to Ketu. Like all other planets Jupiter also has 3 nakshatras: Punarvasu, Vishakha and Purvabhadrapada.

Marriage is the most important event in one's life among all the civilised societies throughout the world where human values have precedence over money and wealth. In India, it is said that marriages are made in heaven and are predestined. It is a bond of love of several previous births

16 Vedic Sanskars are like Chakra that go on and on with time. It begins with a child’s origin inside a mother’s womb, continues throughout life after his or her birth and ends with his/her death. In Sanskrit, we also call it Antyeshti. This ritual is intended to lead the soul towards God or self.

People want to earn to lead a good life. A good job or business reduces several problems in a person’s life. Good work ensures success and happiness in a person’s life. Vedic Astrology has taken into account all the aspects of a person’s life. Astrology can help you decide which area of expertise

Astrology says that an auspicious Muhurat gives maximum benefit of a work to a native. In Vedic astrology there are some Yogas in which an already finished work has to be repeated by a native. Here we will discuss about these Yogas and their influence on people. A Muhurat or auspicious time

Eclipse is the total or partial disappearance of a celestial object behind another from eyesight. The total disappearance of a planetary object is called full eclipse and partial disappearance is called partial eclipse. These are formed between the Sun, Moon, and Earth. The Sun is our illuminating body

Astrology says that an auspicious muhurat gives maximum benefit of a work to a native. In Vedic astrology there are some yogas in which an already finished work has to be repeated by a native. Here we will discuss about these yogas and their influence on people.

Gana koota is an important factor in Hindu marriage match making system. You might have seen that parents or elders go to astrologer to match the kundlis of the boy and girl who are about to get marry. The kundlis of both the boy and girl are matched by an astrologer to find out the common

Desires are the result of your cravings for worldly things. Basically desire is as immortal as the soul is; it never dies but changes its form. That means a new desire is born when one desire is fulfilled. Human beings have limited physical strength and unlimited desires, as a result we

It is said that ‘love is blind’. It is because love doesn’t see the position or the age of a person, it just happens. Love is such a word that it takes you to another realm. If you are also in love and want to know the intensity and genuineness of your love Horary chart can clarify your questions related to love.

According to Vedic religious texts there are 8.4 million Yonis (types of incarnation) in this world and human Yoni is considered the best one. It is said by sages that it is very tough to get birth as a human being.

There is a proverb saying, nothing is lost when wealth is lost but everything is lost when character is lost. It means wealth can be achieved by many means but it takes a long time and effort to make a good character and a respected person in society. Honor and reputation are immortal

There are many astrological parameters and measures to ascertain a person’s future and character. The Gana of the person reveals the basic temperament and the motivations that guide a person’s life. It’s purpose is to identify general traits of one’s behaviour which is determined by an

We often raise and show our thumb to cheer up our friends. Why is the thumb only chosen to do such gestures is a matter of discussion. Palmists says that thumb represents the whole hand and generates confidence and positive strength in our mind. Each and every phalanges of thumb signifies

Palmistry which is also called Samudrik Shastra is one of the most popular astrological methods in the world. It studies the shape and structure of human body parts like skin colour, palms, networks of lines in the palms, signs and nails. It is believed that Palmistry had an origin in 5000 B.C.

When a planet is combust in a kundli or in transit then it impacts the life of the native. In this article we will discuss the result of a combust lord of a house in the kundli-Birth Chart. If the 1st house of a kundli -Birth Chart has a combust lord of the Ascendant then the native may have a

Gandanta means a knot or a joint or a meeting point. In Muhurta it means meeting point between two measures of time which is known as “Sandhi Kaal” like between evening and night, day and night, night and day. Such meeting points or joints are not considered good.

Vedic astrology speaks about various types of doshas. In this article we will discuss about the jamitra and baanpanchak dosha. The jamitra dosha is formed when a planet is situated in the 7th house from the marriage Ascendant or Moon Ascendant. The 7th house of muhurat Ascendant provides

Venus and Jupiter are benefic planets. The seventh house is of the spouse. The placement of these planets in the seventh house or their impact on this house decides how much happiness or sorrow you will get from your married life. Venus in the man's kundali and Jupiter in the wife's kundali

In Hindu astrology, a unit of time of two Ghatis or 48 minutes is called one Muhurat.This is the time selected at a specific hour to start a job. Such a time is selected keeping in view the good planetary combinations available for the particular piece of work. The position of Sun and Moon are most

Vedic astrology says that planets become significators according to their houses. In Lal Kitab also there are significators of houses in a native’s kundli. According to Lal Kitab the significator of house is called the fixed house of planet. Lal Kitab gives prime importance to house then sign.

Jupiter is considered the most powerful and biggest among the nine planets. Being the teacher of the Gods it secures highest position and is the most auspicious planet. According to Vedic astrology Jupiter is lord of Sagittarius and Pisces sign and Punarwasu, Vishakha, and Purwa bhadrapada Nakshatras.

Perhaps there is no person who does not want a child. Every married couple wants full satisfaction for their family life with the birth of their child. But those who are still deserted from the happiness of a child or those who are sympathetic to orphans and abandoned child in the society are keen to adopt a child.

Property is considered one of the best investments, especially if it has been bought by our parents, ancestors or forefathers. Needless to say the more the merrier. In fact, a roof on the head is very much a necessity. Every young man desires to buy a get married and buy a good home for his family.

Muhurat-for-education. All parents have their dreams that their children will shine in life and make a successful career. Parents try their best to realize these dreams. But sometimes they are shattered when a child does not feel interested in studies or lags in a subject. Astrologers say that a child’s education

The reference of Nakshatras is found in Rig Veda which says that there are twenty-seven Nakshatras which have great importance in Vedic astrology. Each of the Zodiac signs have two and a quarter Nakshatra. Nakshatras are also called lunar mansion as the Moon stays for one day in a Nakshatra for a span

Tajik astrology is the system of Greek astrology that has gained widespread acceptance for prediction of event timings. It is particularly popular for predicting yearly horoscopes. Saturn is considered a malefic planet with a strong impact on the horoscope. For this reason people

In Indian marriages a couple takes vows in front of the sacred fire of marriage to stay together in happy and tough times. They promise to share the joyous and sad moments of their life staying side by side. Then how come many of these same couples are unable to stand by their vows after marriage?

A couple enters into married life with many dreams. Sometimes planetary Yogas in the Kundalis creates havoc in a peaceful married life and the couple is not able to understand the true reason behind their constant fights, eventually shattering their dreams. Planets play an important role

According to the study of astrologers, Jupiter is an influential and a benefic planet. It is a planet of knowledge, which has its influence on mind, soul, education, marriage, wealth, etc. Jupiter has different impact on individuals according to its transit in different houses. If Jupiter transits through the first

In Astrology Mathematical astrology is as important as Predictive astrology. Mathematical astrology is the base through which astrology determines the nakshatra and planetary positions and predicts there by. In this article we will discuss Kaala Bala a component of Shad-bala through which planetary strengths

The thumb is the most important finger in the hand. It is called the king of fingers. Astrologers also say that a the thumb reveals more about a person’s life and choices than any other finger in the hand. Before discussing the importance and influence of the thumb let us learn how the thumb

Everybody wants to know how long they will live. For this many consult astrologers. You may have also been to an astrologer for the same purpose. Horary astrology is ideal for predicting the length of a person’s life. Astrology says that answering the question about one’s longevity is not ideal but

Lal kitab says that the 9 planets influence a native’s life for 9 special years till the 48th of the person’s life. During these special years planets provide auspicious and inauspicious results to a native. In this article we will discuss about the special results of the planets that are provided in special years of a native.

A native is afflicted by debt of the father when a planet is in the 9th house and Mercury is situated in the sign of that planet. Thus Mercury is responsible for creating this type of debt. Let’s discuss various kinds of debts that are formed in Lal kitab. When Jupiter is not in the pakka houses i.e. 2nd, 5th, 9th or 12th

A kundli in which a planet aspects another planet situated in the 10th house from itself casts a fraudulent (Dhoke ka) aspect that provides inauspicious results to the native. The kundli shown here has the tenth aspect of Sun on the 7th house. In this circumstance the placement of Sun is in the 10th house

In Vedic astrology remedies are provided for debilitated or inauspicious planetary positions in a person’s kundli. In contrast the Lal Kitab remedies can be performed whether the planet is auspicious or inauspicious. The remedies help in retaining and enhancing the effect of the planet if it is auspicious

Almost every one fears Saturn. Saturn’s dashas called Sadhe Saati and Dhaiya evoke a sense of panic in people’s mind. Lal kitab provides some easy remedies against the negative effect of Saturn. In this article we will discuss Saturn’s remedies. Generally Vedic astrology provides remedies for

Libra is the 7th zodiac sign which is symbolized by the image of a weighing scale. Astrology says that Libra is the Lord of the west direction. In this article we will discuss what astrology says about the characteristics of the natives of Libra and their family as well as social life.

The network of lines on the palm is formed when a child is in the womb of her mother. These lines will constantly change throughout his life till death. These lines are the palm lines. Usually the palm line has a formation period and alters up to 16 years of age from the birth of a child.

Several benefic and malefic Yogas are formed with permutations and combinations of different parts of Panchanga.While good Yogas enhance the strength of Muhurat, the bad Yogas obstruct the successful completion of any task undertaken. The occurrence of combinations leads to the formation

India is a huge country in the Asian subcontinent. It is known to the rest of the world for its unity in diversity. From the times of ancient civilization India has had a multi-cultural identity. India is reputed for its rich culture, liberal government and populous democracy.

Yoga is an important component of Muhurta after Tithi, Vaar, and Nakshatra. The lunar day is from one sunrise to the next day sunrise.There are fifteen lunar days in each Paksha viz; Krishna Paksha of dark half and Shukla Paksha of bright half. Week days are named after the planets from Sun for Sunday.

Mars is a hostile planet and is considered inauspicious. According to Vedic astrology the negative impact of Mars is typically observed in marriage and life post marriage. The Manglik dosha, which is popularly known as ‘Mangli’, is very inauspicious because an afflicted native may remain unmarried throughout

The four basic goals of human existence are Dharma, Artha, Kaam and Moksha. The first three can’t be accomplished without the support and involvement of partner. For this one enters into a sacred institution called marriage. A marriage between the two persons of opposite sex grants social acceptance

The Moon which shines gloriously in the night sky has a special place in astrology. The Moon is not only the natural satellite of earth but it is also the prime significator of impact on human minds. From the ancient period the moon has been given a high position in astrology. Moon with its unique sixteen

Our life is a mixture of joys and sorrows. Sometimes life goes smoothly and sometimes it can be a bit problematic. We face some challenging times, disputes, enmity with others and all these are the different facets of life. There are times when people face conflict, and then through mutual agreement

Though multi national companies are expanding employment but the attraction of government jobs is never ending. Young people wish to get a government job as it is secure and dignified. They work hard to get a government job and do not want to have any sort of problems in their job afterwards.

Since ancient times astrology has paid special attention to journeys and travel. In olden days people used to consult astrologers for auspicious Muhurta before stepping out of the house for journeys and business travel. Even kings were used to seek advice from astrologers for auspicious times before leaving

There are 16 Sanskars in Hinduism. Keshant Sanskar which is also popularly known as Godaan Sanskar is one of the 16 Vedic Sanskars. This Sanskar is thirteenth and performed when a child completes 16 years of his age. This Sanskar is performed after Vedarambh and before Samavartan Sanskar.

In Hindu society, spiritualism and religious beliefs have been the guiding principles since time immemorial. They have always been linked with one’s growth and activities undertaken at different stages of life. We carry out rituals as per our religious belief at a particular time. These ceremonies are known as Sanskaras.

In ancient period kings used to rule our country. Before ascending the throne they had to be sworn by the name of his kingdom and subject. The oath was the union of responsibility and power and under it he had to treat his subject like his children and had to protect the country at any cost.

In Hindu society, spiritualism and religious beliefs have been the guiding principles since time immemorial. They have always been linked with one’s growth and activities undertaken at different stages of life. We carry out rituals as per our religious belief at a particular time. These ceremonies are known as Sanskaras.

Ardra Nakshatra is sixth in a number of total twenty-seven Nakshatra and it is positioned from six degrees and forty minutes in Gemini sign up to twenty degrees. Ardra means green or moist. It’s ruling Lord is Rahu. Its deity is Rudra and its symbol is a teardrop. It’s nature is sharp, hard and dreadful.

According to Vedic astrology the Dhanishtha nakshatra is the 23rd nakshatra amongst the 27 nakshatras in the constellation. Mars is the lord of this nakshatra.The symbol of dhanisha is Damru and it’s deity is Lord Natraj. It’s placed half in capricorn and half in aquarius, from 23 degrees 40minutes in capricorn

Jyeshtha Nakshatra is the 18th Nakshatra out of the total 27 Nakshatras. It constitutes 3 stars that resemble an earring. According to some astrologers it represents a pendant in the neck. The deity of this Nakshatra is Indra and the ruling Lord is Mercury.

Vedic astrology says that birth Nakshatra influences the nature of a native. Here in this article we will discuss about the impacts of Punarvasu Nakshatra on the nature and temperament of its natives. Punarvasu Nakshatra holds the 7th position out of a total of 27 Nakshatras. Punarvasu Nakshatra

Purvashada Nakshatra placed in Sagittarius sign from thirteen degrees twenty minutes to twenty-six degrees and forty minutes. Venus is the Lord of this Nakshatra. It belongs to Manushya Gana. Its element is air. They have an impact of Venus in their character.

Pushya Nakshatra is the eighth Nakshatra in number out of a total of twenty-seven Nakshatras. Its placed in Cancer sign from three degrees and twenty minutes to sixteen degrees and forty minutes. It’s Lord is Saturn. Meaning of Pushya is a flower, nourisher and the best.

Uttarabhadrapada is the 26th Nakshatra of the zodiac. It is placed in Pisces sign from three degrees and twenty minutes to sixteen degrees forty minutes. Its Lord is Saturn and deity is Hanuman. Saturn plays an important role in defining the destiny of Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatra. Its nature is fixed.

Astrology has many branches and Numerology is one of the branches of astrology which is widely practiced throughout the world. Basically astrology is based on the planetary influence on human lives. Numerology says that for every planet there is a number that means a particular number is

Marriage is the most important event in one’s life. It is treated as the most sacred ceremony and given precedence over money and wealth. It is said that marriages are made in heaven and are predestined. It is believed to be a bond of love over several incarnations.

Panchang is the Indian calendar popularly used by astrologers. A panchang is widely used in determining auspicious and inauspicious time as it indicates positions of planets and nakshatras along with their influences on human lives. The Panchang literally means five-parts. The parts are Rashi,

Pisces is a feminine sign dominated by the water element. It is the 12th i.e. the final sign in the zodiac. Jupiter rules over this sign and that’s why the natives of Pisces sign have a direct influence of Jupiter in their life. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of Pisceans.

The nine planets which are a part of our solar system have an impact on us. They influence us because of their proximity to earth. As per Vedic astrology, these planets and their placement decide the future of a person at the time of the birth. We have seen that Shadashtak position or 6/8 position of planets

Many people want to become a businessman but those who have suitable planetary combinations in their birth-chart become a successful businessman. Let us acknowledge those planetary combinations which make the person a famous and successful businessman.

India is considered as the birth place of Astrology. Indian Astrology is famous worldwide. Astrology is the contribution of life long experiences of saints and seers. Today, this mode is very famous. There will be very less people who will be unaware about Astrology. Let us acknowledge the planetary combinations

Vedic astrology has 12 zodiac signs. On the basis of birth time people get their zodiac sign, which influences their life and nature. Astrologers say that zodiac signs are so effective in making our life, that even what occupation is suitable for a native also depends upon the person’s birth sign.

Marriage is an integral part of human life. Marriage is not just an occasion but it is a symbol of promise, faith, responsibility and love between two people. Parents are concerned about their children’s marriage. Vedic astrology considers ‘Kanya Daan’ as a virtuous deed.

Astrology has various systems to make predictions. Lal Kitab is one of them and it gives importance to houses rather than signs, but the Karakas are same as in Vedic astrology. These Karakas are known as fixed houses of the planets. In Lal Kitab if a house is not aspected by any planet then it is considered

Sun is the king of all planets. All planets revolve around it. Astrology considers Sun a planet, but in terms of geography, it is a star. Revolution of Earth around the Sun changes day, night and Ayan (Uttarayan and Dakshinayan). The secret of the sidereal time is hidden in the process of circumambulation of

Gems are the wonders of nature. They are very beautiful and have a composite structure. Gems are found in various colors and shapes. Gems are known as ‘Navaratna’ in Astrology. This is because the gemstones are related to the 9 planets or ‘Navagraha’. There are many types of gems throughout the world

People are afraid of Saturn and especially during seven and a half period of transit of Saturn over the Moon sign. However, there is nothing of this sort as Saturn is purely following its duty of the judgment of one’s Karmas and delivers results accordingly.If you have done good Karmas, then results

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac and is the Lord of the north direction. It is a female sign and water element is prominent in this sign. Mars is the Lord of Scorpio. Scorpio is the eighth house of the natural zodiac or Kaal Purush Kundali and is a mystic house. Research and development are associated

A native gets auspicious results due to the presence of strong planets in the birth-chart. The strength of planets is measured by the method of Shadbala. The strength of planets can be identified by the placement of the planet in the respective house. Another factor to be considered is that the planet

In Astrology which is a Pratayaksha Shastra, every technique is unique and based on astronomical calculations. Muhurat is one such part of Astrology which enables us to know the auspicious or inauspicious timings for doing any important work. The Yogas that are favorable for native

Marriage is a social institution in India. It is not only a custom or tradition, but an integral part of life where trust, responsibility, and promise of a union of two persons and their families.This union is considered very important. The matching of Kundalis of both the bride and the groom is done to see the

Astrology has a name for auspicious and inauspicious time which is called ‘muhurat’. It is said that chances for the success of a task is maximised if it is done in an auspicious muhurat. That is, it will give you the maximum result as per your destiny if you perform the task in the right Muhurtha.

Vedic sanskars have a scientific base. There are 16 sanskars which are performed in the various stages of a person’s life. You will find logical explanation of the usefulness of these sanskars in our lives. In this article we will discuss about the mundan sanskar or the chudakaran sanskar. This sanskar also has its own principles.

Palmistry is one of the most popular branches of divination. In this method of astrology predictions are made on the basis of body parts, skin colour and etc. palmistry got its name from the palms as it studies the characteristics of the palm such as shape, colour, lines and signs. In this article we will discuss the colour of the palm

Boy or girl every one dreams about a happy married life and wishes their life partner to be compatible so that he or she gets a lovely family life after marriage. After marriage some lucky people finds their dreams come true and some fail to fulfill their dream. The conjugal life of the unlucky

In Hindu society, spiritualism, and religious beliefs have been the guiding principles since time immemorial and have always been linked to one’s growth and all other activities at different stages of life.Every thing is done systematically at a fixed time, according to a definite plan.

In earlier times, this was a patriarchal society and the women were expected to follow the rules made by men. It is said that a man would subjugate a woman throughout her life. In her younger days she lived under her father, after her marriage she lived under the authority of the husband and in her old age

It has been a traditional practice in India to match the kundalis of the boy and the girl before fixing up the marriage. It is very important to know how the relationships between planet, sign and nakshatra are in the couple’s kundli and how they will affect the marital life of the couple.

According to the Hindu dharma there are 16 Sanskars from birth to death. Since ancient times these sanskars have a special place in our lives. The importance of Nakshatra and date in each sanskar or in other words which sanskar should be performed at which Nakshatra and date will be discussed here.

Planets have friendship and animosity between them. When a planet comes in contact with an enemy planet, they will start fighting and hence get afflicted in the process. A planet then will then transfer its affliction on some other planet and the other planet also getting afflicted.This altogether another

A kundli can have both the auspicious and inauspicious yoga. A malefic yoga is born when there is an inauspicious planetary combination among the planets or the houses. In this article we will discuss some common malefic yogas that are seen in a kundli.

In Vedic astrology the planetary strengths are determined by 6 major Balas of Shad Bala. Sthan Bala is the first bala in Shad Bala. In this article we will discuss about the method of determining the strength of planets from Sthan Bala and how it is effective in Shadbala.

Amongst the 12 signs of the zodiac cycle Taurus is the second sign. It is symbolised by an ox. Its range is 30° to 60°in the natural zodiac. It is an auspicious sign and the characteristics of this sign are faithfulness and humbleness. Astrology says that Taurus is a gentle sign and natives born in this sign are blessed

As we all know life begins in mother’s womb. Everyone wants their children, the coming generation to get good character and lead a happy life. People try their level best to give a safe and happy future to their children. Astrology says that if life begins at an auspicious muhurat then the child will be a good

During the 19th century in Punjab region of Pakistan, Pandit Giridhari Lal Ji Sharma was working for the government under the British administration. At that time some copper scripts written in Urdu and Persian language were discovered from a Lahore construction site.

From the Navamsha Kundli almost every detail of a person’s life can be obtained. You can find out facts related to your educational, professional, and family life from this kundli. Navamsha kundli is considered as the most important kundli after the Birth Chart Kundli. If Ascendant (Lagna) Kundli is the

If you are born in the Aquarius Ascendant then let us see how placed planets in the 1st house effect your Kundli in: Sun is the 7th lord in the Kundli of Aquarius Ascendant. It gives good results when it placed in the Kendra house. Sun in Aquarius Ascendant makes a person

India is a country where people pursue different religions, faith, customs, conventions, speak various languages. Everyone seeks advice from a different preacher or Guru on various important matters. Astrology is a great science and is very methodical. It is based on astronomical calculations.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is the 11th Nakshatra numerically and finds its place in the zodiac sign Leo from 13°20’ to 26°and 40’.The deity God of this Nakshatra is ‘Bhag’, who is one of the 12 sons of Sun’s mother Aditi. The Rashi Lord is Sun and Nakshatra Lord is Venus. This Nakshatra belongs to Manushya Gana

It is said that ‘love is blind’. It is because love doesn’t see the position or the age of a person, it just happens. Love is such a word that it takes you to another realm. If you are also in love and want to know the intensity and genuineness of your love Horary chart can clarify your questions related to love.

Often people get disturbed when they hear the name of Sadesati and Kalsarpa Yoga. As a result, many Astrologer try to take an advantage of this fear that people have developed regarding Sadesati and Kalsarpa. There are many types and names of Kalsarpa Yoga. Kalsarpa Yoga should be regarded

For better administration school and college divides classes and make sections so that works is properly distributed. Similarly, a birth chart contains 12 houses which have specific relevance and responsibilities. For example the 2nd house stands for wealth, relationships with relatives, speaking ability etc.

In Vedic astrology, a unit of time of two ghatis or 48 minutes is called one Muhurta. This is the time selected at a specific hour to start a job, a religious function or a ceremony. Such a time is selected keeping in view the good planetary positions available for the required work to be completed successfully.

The navaratnas are not only beautiful but have some unique qualities that are very useful for the overall development of human beings. Astrology highlights the auspiciousness of gemstones by stating that the navaratnas absorb the planetary qualities and bestow them in the nature of their natives.

Astrology says that planetary positions have a huge influence on human lives. Their impacts are on every sphere of life. In this article, we will discuss how planetary positions influence the share business and what role does Horary chart plays in this respect. A Horary chart is prepared at the time when a question is

The natives of these Nakshatra are intellectual, they are aware about the good and the bad with regard to their work. They are intelligent and alert. People born in this Nakshatra are good at making better strategies and planning for future. These qualities of them make them successful in politics.

Everybody is curious to know about their future. There are many methods of divination available to satiate this curiosity. These methods are popular not only in India, but other parts of the world as well. Each method has its own procedures and characteristics. Let us talk about some of these methods.

Most of us are curious to know what future holds. Many people may not believe in astrology but read their daily predictions for fun or out of interest. Astrology is so fascinating that people who object to this science in the society may use it in their personal lives. This dual nature has nothing

There is a tradition of marriage matching through kundli in North and South India. There are some similarities as well as dissimilarities in the kundli matching system in these regions. VarnaVarna koota is used in both South and North India but there are some differences in the methods.

Marriage is the most important event in one’s life and in a civilized society, human values take precedence over money and wealth. It is said that marriages are made in heaven and solemnized on earth. It’s a bond of love of several previous births, therefore when one gets married, its a union for whole life as per

Vedic astrology has three parts in which the third part is called Remedial Astrology. The second part is called Predictive Astrology, popularly used to predict the future of a person. But precautions taken against inauspicious planetary results, come under the sphere of Remedial Astrology.

Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign. The symbol of Virgo is a girl standing with a flower bouquet in her hand. Virgo is the Lord of the south direction. Mercury is the Lord of this sign. Virgo has exalted Mercury and a debilitated Venus. Natives born in this sign are basically shy yet alert. In this article,

The almighty has created the fate of every person in this world. The native is handed his birth chart and then sent in this mortal world. Palmistry considers the straight, carved lines of fate as god’s writing. These lines and signs determine our fate. In this article we will discuss about the signs and symbols present

Astrology says that Raj yoga is a yoga which provides the fortune of a king to the native who has this yoga in his kundli (birth chart). Every person wants a happy life but happiness is not in everyone’s fate in equal amount. A person’s joy and sorrow can be assessed determined by the positions of planets and yogas

We often blame our fate saying that ‘it was not meant for me’ when we lose an opportunity. What if we could find out what our fate holds? The fate line can reveal what will be the important trends in our life. Palmistry says that there are seven varieties of fate lines which have separate influences on an individual.

If the person understands at the beginning of his career about his suitability for job or business, then it will not be difficult for him to reach his destination. This will also help to select the right field of education and will be able to save his time and hard work in wrong areas.

These days it is observed that even expert astrologers fail to give accurate predictions for even correctly cast computerized birth charts (Janma Kundali) and to save face they claim that the birth chart was not correctly cast and this needs to be rectified. But this is not the reality.

Numerology gives its results on the basis of Name Number, Root Number and Destiny Number. In concern of marriage, it acknowledges the relation between these three numbers. Numerology is a method used to predict future. Numerology like other methods, predicts future and answers the