Your Virgo Baby - The Perfect Little Charmer

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Do not mind if you see your Virgo baby imitating you. Look into his eyes and you will see that he is not making fun of you. He just loves to imitate. Your Virgo is sharp, but his staidness will make you think he does not care.

A Virgo baby will not like crowds. He is also extremely fussy about eating. Try feeding him peas and he will spit it out and make such a sour face that will make you hard to forgive yourself.

Mostly, a Virgo will dominate with a smile. His easy ways make many people take him for granted. He is as stubborn as his neighbor Leo, but he is not aggressive about it. Even before you notice it, you will have done his will.

Virgo Babies are Easy to Manage

A Virgo child is an angel when it comes to cleanliness. He will keep his toys in order, his order, and his teddy bear will sleep to his left, always. If you keep a tortoise beside it, he will look at you as if you have committed a crime. The way he handles his world is very important to a Virgo, so let him keep it the way he wants to.

A Virgo child does not need strict disciplining. He is obedient if you are not unfair to him. He will do some chores with you and charm you with his gentle smile. Unlike many other children, he will rarely have tantrums or mood swings. Most of the time, he is poised and happy with whatever he has.

Expect him to talk early than most children. He will learn quickly and exhibit his knowledge to family, but his shyness makes him speechless in front of strangers. Your Virgo has no desire to impress others. He will never seek the limelight. You will find him enjoying a good time with friends he is familiar with or with family.

Your Virgo Child Loves Attention

It is impossible for anybody to know that a Virgo needs lots of physical affection. When you hug, kiss or caress him, he might not throw you a big smile or kiss you back. But all that affection is making him joyful. A Virgo ego can soak in as much affection as you can give. Whenever he completes creating that big tower out of his blocks, throw him a compliment. That would be his prize.

September born are a favourite at school. They do not create trouble and are immensely responsible for their age. If you see a small boy following a teacher with a pile of books in his hand and glow on his face, be sure it is a Virgo.

Your Virgo will love routine and discipline. If lunch is an hour late, you will have to bear seeing his intense face waiting for you to serve him while you are frantically cooking.

Little Virgos Are Open and Fair

A Virgo heart is pure and expressive. It is not in his nature to keep secrets, especially about himself. He will give his frank opinion when asked without offending anyone. His goodwill towards all will seldom allow him to make enemies.

Your Virgo will love beauty and system. He himself is a perfectionist and he will expect you to be the same. Do not raise your eyebrows if he corrects your grammar in front of your friends. Laughing it off is the best way to save the situation because scolding him can easily destroy his eagerness to learn.

Unnecessary harshness towards a Virgo can make them irritable and reclusive. Their inherent desire to learn and experience is healthy for their development. A Virgo adult who had been emotionally deprived during childhood can become extremely shy and get embarrassed by imaginary slights.

Virgo Kids are Natural Empaths

A Virgo will be very private about his love affairs. Tease him about it and he may suddenly become withdrawn. Close relationships are hard for him to handle and if you tease him about it, you are doing him an injustice.

Keep all stresses and worries away from your Virgo. Telling him about the bankruptcy of his grandmother can make him physically sick. Even if you do not share your pains, your Virgo will pick them up real fast and brood with you.

A Virgo child will love responsibilities. Protecting and caring comes naturally to them. They are expert money managers. Even before other children have started getting pocket-money, your Virgo will be managing his account.

He will instinctively go out to help the blind man cross the road. A Virgo will protect the weak and ignore the strong. His world is a place where there is no place for fights and aggressive competitions. To enter into his world, you do not need shoes of gold, all you need is a generous heart.

Characteristics of Virgo Children

Virgo Infants

  • Calm
  • Well-mannered
  • Love routine
  • Alert yet detached
  • Curious
  • Shy
  • Excellent learners
  • Disciplined
  • Respect authority

Virgo Adolescents

  • Goodwill towards all
  • Love a good joke
  • Sincere
  • Responsible
  • Orderly
  • Perfectionist
  • Honest
  • Staid
  • Helpful
  • Choosy in food

How you can best handle your Virgo

  • Too much discipline or firmness can be harmful
  • Respect his privacy
  • They need a truckload of affection
  • Give them goals
  • Do not put pressure to perform
  • Teach him to dream

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