Your Taurus Baby - Strong and Firm Through Anything

Taurus Baby Sun Sign

Taurus babies are born with clenched fists and pursed mouths. Yes, that is how most babies are born, but a Taurus baby will continue to fold his hands into fists and close his mouth tightly to voice a stubborn ‘no’ well after he can be called a kid.

Do not disturb his poise. He violently dislikes any attempts to change his Taurus ways. You will find it difficult, well, almost impossible, to spoon him the food he does not want to eat. The more you push, the more stubbornly he will refuse. In any attempts of will, it is always a Taurus who will win.

Apart from their inherent stubbornness, a Taurus child will not give you trouble on any other front. They are very gentle and calm individuals. Unlike some other restless bunch, your Taurus will sink into his comfortable pram and stay there quietly till you want him to.

A Taurus’ behaviour is at its best when in company. Tell stories of ‘I am having a hard time with him’ to your friends and they will not believe you. It is best to let him charm people with his saintliness. Your Taurus child is far mature for his age and knows how to behave in public.

Taurus Child, Elegance Even in Emotions

Your Taurus loves family. He will wait for bedtime stories and cherish the imaginary world that books opens up for him. Many times, he will come to you quietly and give you a bear hug. He will like hugs and kisses, and would want the affection returned. Love from family, especially parents and siblings, in early years will keep a Taurus emotionally balanced throughout later life.

Taurus has strong likes and dislikes. It is his gentle nature that repulses extremes of any kind. Tiny Taurus, as expected, will simply not allow you to expose them to things they do not like. Give him a shower when he does not want to and he will refuse to cooperate with you, and you will only end up wearying yourself.

Out of all twelve signs, Taurus is the most emotionally balanced. He will rarely display extreme emotions and can get mighty upset when others do. Your fights will give him a harder time than it would give you.

Be Honest to Your Taurus

He will never throw tantrums. If you promise to buy him that car from the store next month, he will patiently wait. But remember your promises. A Taurus child will be deeply disappointed if you are not fair to him. He might be too gentle to create a scene, but he will not trust you the next time you promise.

A Taurus’ dislike of extremes spills to colors, sounds, smells and taste. He will like earthly shades that do not disturb his balance. Loud noises or shouting will make him shrink his little nose with displeasure. Violence even on television harms a Taurus, child or adult.

It is important for you to remember that a Taurus child needs encouragement from you time and again. Pressure at school or crudeness from playmates can make a Taurus timid and introverted. On rare occasions, you will be surprised to find that he bashed up a naughty kid who had been troubling him for months. A Taurus’ temper is bad. It is cruelty to his tender disposition to provoke him to such excesses. He will agree with you on that.

Don't Surprise Your Little Taurean

A Taurus child will not be greatly impressed if you give him a surprise. A ‘We are moving this Saturday’ by you will not be followed by hurray. At best, it will send little tremors of anxiousness up his little heart. Taurus loves routine. He likes to know what is going to happen next. Surprises are rude shocks to them, not pleasant changes. Needless to say, they like predictability.

Taurus love planning. In case a change to their routine is required, prepare him by giving him time to plan out things his way. Pushing him into new situations or environments without prior notice can make your tiny Taurus silent and moody.

Healthy As A Bull... That's your Taurus baby

Taurus boys and girls love outdoor sports and they have an athletic body to match their taste. You will see your Taurus kid dribbling the basketball for hours in the backyard. After he finishes, he will love a huge meal (of his chosen foods, of course).

Taurus girl will be full of girlish charm. She will use your make-up, dress up her dolls and take interest in cooking. Even if she is a tomboy, she will know that a pout by her will make her daddy do her will.

Your little Taurus will be competitive, but not because he wants to show off his skills like his Aries neighbor. He will have immense power to concentrate and can do well at studies if encouraged and guided with love.

Taurus Children Can Be Obstinate too!

His natural maturity, judgment and fairness make him a favourite of teachers and fellow schoolmates. A Taurus’ behavior and manners is set as an example for other kids to follow. Even at home, they will not be naughty. You will never find him hide your favourite earrings under the mattress. Instead, you will always find him playing with single-mindedness with whatever he can find around him.

Do not expect your Taurus child to do excellently at school. He has his own strengths and limitations. He will learn slowly, but surely. Lessons will not be senselessly learnt, but understood. The Taurus mind has tremendous power of concentration and he will use it well if you guide him lovingly.

Because of their strong sense of fairness, a Taurus will rarely apologize for a mistake that he knows he has not made. Authority or age does not matter to him in cases of right and wrong. If he knows he is right, he will never give in. And there are no rare occasions here.

Your Taurus child will be creative. Give him lots of crayons and maybe a musical instrument later. He will experiment and learn, and it is joy in these little things that he treasures beyond anything else.

Your love matters the world to him. Maybe more than you think it does because Taurus is rarely demonstrative. He might not ask you for a hug or a cuddle, but he needs it nevertheless. Just like so many other things.

Characteristics of Taurus Children

Taurus infants

  • Immensely stubborn
  • Affectionate
  • Balanced
  • Gentle
  • Well-mannered
  • Introverted
  • Creative
  • Extraordinary power of concentration
  • Sensitive

Taurus Teenagers

  • Stubborn (that you must have predicted)
  • Athletic and strong bodied
  • Quiet and shy
  • Love routine
  • Mature and unbiased
  • Temperate sensibility
  • Staid
  • Predictable
  • Aggressive when provoked

How you can best handle your Taurus

  • Never pressurize to perform
  • Gentleness will bring rewards
  • Set them into a constructive routine
  • Too many instructions will ruin him
  • Do not get into power struggles
  • Use reason and logic with him

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