Your Pisces Baby - The Gentle and Loving Angel

Sagittarius  Baby Sun Sign

Your little Sagittarius is quietly lying on the sofa next to you. His hand rests over your leg and he will not remove it even if it is inconvenient. Sagittarius needs human touch and lots of it. It may change form in later years, but they essentially love to be among people.

Bright and open, he will expect others to like him. He may even try to do things to please you. Ignoring their efforts will not only disappoint them, but make them bitter and sarcastic.

Sagittarian Babies Need Company at All Times

The Sagittarius baby will need you to keep his cot right next to your bed. Otherwise he will not sleep soundly. As much as human touch, he needs to hear the familiar voices of his family members and the comforting noises of domestic life. He will need a lot of cuddling for emotional stability.

If due to any reason, a Sagittarius does not get close human touch especially from his mother, he will seek a substitute. A teddy, blanket or a doll will be by his side at all times. When he grows a little older, he will treat it as an indispensible friend.

Sagittarius will become independent with years and may not need the security of the family, but in early years, they are much dependent upon the family for their well-being.

Sagittarius Children Love Freedom and Honesty

Your Sagittarius child will like to be informal. In his walk, his style of dressing, his conversations, he will consciously try to avoid being formal. He will generally be moderate and not fuss over food or clothes. Sagittarius girls might be tomboyish in early years, but they will develop their own style later on in life depending on how they perceive being feminine.

If your tiny Sagittarius asks you questions even your spouse has not dared to ask, be frank with him. A Sagi is honest, sometimes hurtfully so, and expects the same from you. He will be your family detective, observing all clues and getting to the truth sooner or later. When it comes to getting to the truth, he will not shy away from usurping authority.

It will be good to remember that a Sagittarius loves facts and logic when it comes to obedience. You can be sure he will not listen to you if you do not have a cold, hard logic to back your stance. Do not expect him to hang his head if you scream at him. He will more often than not demand you to explain yourself. If your explanation pleases him, he will become the obedient, smiling child you expected him to be just a minute ago.

Sagittarius do not seek respect, they demand it. His Jupiter stubbornness will not make him admit defeat when he thinks he is right. To convince him of otherwise will take you hours of explaining why it is not so, and even then you cannot be sure of changing his mind.

It is detrimental to them if you do not admit your mistakes. They will learn it from you pretty quickly and put it up against you whenever an opportunity arises. Remember his frankness? He will instantly remind you of your obstinacy and seek an explanation.

Give Your Sagittarius Child Trust, and Expect it

Teach him early that people are not perfect and that it is okay to make mistakes. If he will see that your judgments are unbiased and consistent, he will admit his mistakes to you and give you a pat on the back when you admit yours.

Let your Sagittarius child know that you trust him. It is necessary that he knows you trust him and he will behave accordingly. Do not interrogate his motives and he will be true to himself. It is also important to them that your concern is for them, not for social norms or acceptance.

A Sagittarius cannot tolerate biases and narrow-mindedness. He will make friends who are open-minded and intelligent. You will never see a Sagittarius child mocking at people who do not confirm to social norms.

Sagi Kids Make Good Rebels

As he grows up, he will most definitely go against customs and age old traditions. It is his cold logic and rationalist thinking that makes him a non-conformist. An adolescent Sagittarius will want to be free from family or social responsibilities. He may extend his liberty and may not marry at the usual age.

A Sagittarius who is subjected to harsh, intolerant and dogmatic environment from early years might leave his home when he becomes independent.

At school, your Sagittarius will be a quick learner, interested in various fields of knowledge. He will enjoy getting to know things just for the sake of it. You have to tell him that you blindly trust him not to cheat, otherwise he may not think it amoral.

Choose a school for him that is interactive and have various extra-curricular activities. Long, monotonous lectures will not satisfy his quick mind. His restless body will be unable to take much stillness, so interactive learning and mind games are best for him. At home, give him lost of interesting books to keep him busy.

Be Firm and Positive with your Sagi Child

Your Sagittarius child is a diehard romantic. Teach him that love comes with responsibility. He will be attracted to the opposite sex early than you think he would. It is his fear of responsibility that makes him afraid to commit to a relationship.

He will love to spend money. Do not spoil him by extending his pocket-money when he has rashly spent it within a week. You will need to teach them about saving to make them good money managers later in life.

A Sagittarius is attracted towards spirituality and religion although he might choose a different path later on in life. Sagittarius children love to go to the temple and take part in various rituals. Their consistent search for the truth and accumulation of knowledge may later change their natural inclination towards faith.

It is important to direct his ideals towards positive realities. His infinite curiosity needs a platform and it is wise to give his goals early in life. A well-brought up Sagittarius will move towards redeeming the world of evils and making a world a better place to live in. Such nobility is hidden in the words and deeds of a Sagittarius.

Characteristics of Sagittarius Children

Sagittarius Infants

  • Frank
  • Honest
  • Obstinate
  • Curious
  • Happy-go-lucky
  • Unprejudiced
  • Friendly
  • Love to interact
  • Need family presence

Sagittarius Adolescents

  • Seek truth
  • Fair
  • Restless
  • Stubborn
  • Love logic and reason
  • Love to learn
  • Active
  • Idealist
  • Informal

How you can best handle your Sagittarius

  • Need to feed their curiosity
  • Early need for physical contact
  • Love to play mind games
  • Do not criticize his ways
  • Give him freedom to succeed and fail

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