Your Pisces Baby - The Gentle and Loving Angel

Pisces  Baby Sun Sign

A strange magnetism will attract you towards the tiniest of Pisces. This chubby, calm baby has come straight from imagination, you will think, gazing at her perfect face. What you will not know is that she will live in a world of her own making all her life.

Do not mistake that your little Pisces will behave like an advertisement baby although she looks like one. She will be her own master and would like to do things her way.

She will be gentle and caring, sympathetic to the needs of dependants. But do not expect her to follow your orders like a soldier. Your Pisces child will be demanding, to say the least. She will follow her heart and her rules will be dictated by her feelings than logic.

Pisces Babies Attract Everybody

Pisces girls will charm you with their sweetness and girlish ways, but she is not a pet. Her mind is independent of any social, moral or family influences. She will let you know everything that she feels in a soft relaxing whisper.

Her magnetism is intense. She can make you do the craziest things if you let yourself get lost in her world. Her tremendous imagination will make your world exciting than it ever can be. No wonder many a people are drawn towards a Pisces and remain in their enchanted world.

Your little Pisces will cut short your job of playacting. Just wear a crown and let her create the play from her imagination. She will create fantastic stories for you at bedtime and sleep blissfully after doing so. It is important for parents of a Pisces child to feed her with a dose of realism every other day to keep her feet firmly grounded otherwise she might as well fly away to live in her fantastical land.

Pisces Children Live a World Apart

It is not surprising if a Pisces grows up to be a storyteller. Their make-believe world is as real to them as yours is for you. They will love acting out roles. She might spend more time rehearsing for school plays than studying. Create a balanced study routine for her and remind her of the necessity to follow it.

A Pisces intuitive power is incredibly strong. She has a deep knowledge of emotions, and human psychology and circumstances. She will read you like a book. Her friends will respect her for her ability to come up with accurate analysis of personalities.

Her sympathy towards the weak and unprivileged will make her charitable. Your tiny Pisces will give biscuits to the poor boy down the street every afternoon while coming back from school. Her emotions are so strong and sensitive that she will be affected greatly by the pain and suffering of others. A Pisces child needs to be taught practicality and the harmfulness of being excessively emotional.

Be Sensitive to Your Sensitive Piscean Child

Fortunately for you, your Pisces will not throw tantrums or act spoilt even if you spoil her. When she finds herself against a firm ‘No’, she will wait till you are in a better mood or humor you till you are in a better mood.

Your sensitive Pisces will need a lot of care and appreciation, especially in early years. When her world is her family, she will need your support and encouragement to become self-confident. Sometimes she will need to be alone. Although you might want to lighten her sadness, it is better to allow her privacy. She has her own needs and she understands them better than anybody else can. Let her be and she will come out of her room healed.

Your Pisces dislikes routine. She will not realize how important it is for her even if you repeat it a hundred times in a day. It is quite a struggle to get them to do things on time. A Pisces has her own rhythms and she will like to do things when she feels like it.

Your Piscean Kid Can be Guided with Love

Firm disciplining will only harm her sensitive nature, so parents will need to learn to enjoy her spontaneity and appreciate her instincts. Channelizing her peculiar energies is a better way to handle a Pisces than becoming an authoritarian, whom they will rebel against sometime or the other.

When you admit your Pisces child to a school, be prepared to get a taste of unorthodoxy. She will find it impossible to follow the pattern of study that the teacher dictates. Respecting authority does not come naturally for them so she may want to follow her own learning method, which might be entirely different from what she is supposed to do at school.

A Pisces mind is sharp and observant. Her mind is a library of ideas. Encourage her to take up artistic tasks and she will surprise you with her dedication and skill. Pisces will go at any length to master art. She will love music, swaying to its tune as if hypnotized. Her movements will be graceful and her voice velvety.

The best gift for your Pisces will be a book, preferably with fantastical themes. She will love supernatural and psychic literature. Poems will please her strong desire for expression of her manifold emotions.

Keep your Piscean Kid Positive

Pisces youngsters will prefer and think their own fanciful world better than the materialistic, aggressive world that they are forced to live in. Their best friends will be those who understand and share their emotions. Hard, practical, materialistic people will never find favor with a Pisces.

A Pisces who is without the support of sympathetic family or friends with whom she can share her thoughts will grow silent and moody, unmindful of morality, indulging in anything that can soothe her hurt soul.

The harshness of life and their sensitivity to their surroundings will make life a struggle. It is better to shield them from roughness of any kind until they are emotionally strong to bear it.

Your Pisces will like to spend time with you than with kids of her age. She might exaggerate a little while telling you about her tryst with dancing, but she will not lie about the whole thing. Accusing her of manipulation or lying will be unjust. A Pisces has no evil intent. They just want to share their world with you, with a bit of their own fancy mixed in it.

Negativity at home or ill-treatment can lead them to live in a permanent state of fantasy. It will need a lot of love and care to bring her back. Letting them wander alone in a cruel world is nothing less than crime. Their tender hearts is what the world needs to heal itself of evil.

Characteristics of Pisces Children

Pisces Infants

  • Charming
  • Affectionate
  • Sensitive
  • Willful
  • Active
  • Gentle
  • Tender

Pisces Adolescents

  • Overtly sensitive
  • Sympathetic
  • Understanding
  • Follow their heart
  • Make their own rules
  • Artistic
  • Empathy
  • Amoral
  • Irresponsible

How you can best handle your Pisces

  • Need lots of love, care, attention and encouragement
  • Be gentle and understanding of her needs
  • Encourage her artistic pursuits
  • Keep her busy and appreciate when she shares

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