Your Libra Baby - The Beautiful Sweetheart

Libra  Baby Sun Sign

He has such a pleasant face that you think you can spend hours just looking at him. After all, he is a Venus child, endowed with beauty and charm. He will be the favourite of almost everybody. Who can resist the beautiful smile and the gentle nature of the October born!

You might find him stubbornly refuse to answer your question. Do not get him wrong. He is not stubborn. He just does not reach at a decision. His inability to reach at a conclusion can often be misinterpreted as stubbornness. It is a Libra’s sense of fairness that makes him weigh all the pros and cons before reaching a decision, well, if he ever does.

Libra Babies Are Careful Calculators

He will take his time if you give him options. Stand at an ice-cream parlor with him and he might take eternity to choose which flavor to buy. Cutting down his choices is the only way to get out of this predicament.

Pressurizing them to make quick choices is not an option. He might develop a fear of making decisions, which can prove fatal in later years. Let him overcome his own indecisiveness and understand his strengths. And for that too, he needs a lot of time and your support.

Your Libra Child is Fair to Everybody

Their sense of fairplay is outstanding and will keep him company through his life. They seek the truth in everything. Their pride in making correct judgments and accurate predictions makes them dread committing mistakes. There is not a Libra who does not shiver to think that he has misunderstood or falsely judged somebody.

It is essential to them that they know the truth. It is their acute self-consciousness that will lead them towards intuition and unbiased analysis in later years.

As Venus is ruling your Libra, he will expect everything to be beautiful around him; from his bed sheet to his towel. He will love soft tunes and artful interiors. Shouts and bad language can actually leave a bitter taste on his tongue. Continuous negativity around a Libra can make them physically sick. Once he is old enough, he will consciously avoid loud noises, hurtful bright colors and negative people. A Libra loves peace, system, beauty and extravagance, in other words, the best that life can give.

Your Little Libran Loves To Debate

Your little Libra will have a sharp mind. He will not shy away from debates at home or outside. He will stick to his point with the obstinacy of a Scorpio. But he is not obstinate. An argument is a mental exercise for a Libra, not a win-lose competition. A Libra will not sulk if he is not able to convince you, he will let you be and expects the same from you.

Libra is seldom a rebel. He likes discipline and system. Whatever disturbs his poise and disrupts the delicateness of his environment is disliked by a Libra, and he will never do something that can cause it.

It is natural for a Libra to delight others, but if they are forced to shed off their natural inclinations and behave artificially, they may become defensive and bitter. Even seeing, leave alone participating in, any level of violence, harms the Libra sense of harmony irrevocably. It is wise to let him choose the channels he wants to watch on television than subjecting him to torture by making him watch gory fights.

A Libra will not like quick, irrational judgments, especially when it comes to people close to his heart. If you blurted out that you do not like his best friend’s crazy hairstyle, be sure to spend some hours explaining to him why you think so.

Teach Your Libran Child The Importance of Time Early

If you have a Libra guest, there is great possibility that he will not turn up on time. Even little Libras will not get ready on time, wake up on time, eat meals on time or reach a party on time if left on their own. But that does not mean that he is lazy. He is too careful. You will have the usual story out of him when he finally makes an appearance, ‘Oh, I had to check the house for my lost handkerchief’ or ‘I had to make sure kitty had milk’.

Your Libra child will never give you the opportunity to call him lazy though he will work at his own rhythm. A Libra works in bursts, so there will be some days when he will work all day and all night, and on some other days, sleep all day and all night. Of one thing you can be sure, he will get his work done even though it may be at the very last minute.

Libran Kids are Unconventional Learners

Libra will not enjoy school where he is supposed to sit still all day and receive wisdom. What he will love is any kind of unconventional knowledge. He will receive it from books outside his curriculum and from games that make him use his intelligence and resourcefulness.

Your Libra will be artistic. A musical instrument as a gift will be greatly appreciated by your Libra. He will treasure it and keep it clean and safe for years and then hang it on the wall for old memories sake.

Libra Children Seek Balance and Stability

As a Libra child grows, he will start amassing knowledge about various subjects. He will surprise you with his clear logic and sharp thinking. Do not expect him to follow you blindly. Where truth is concerned, he has no enemies and friends. He will change sides according to his judgment.

Your Libra is balanced and may not need much disciplining. In contrast, over-indulging might also harm him. Teach him the important of moderation, especially in food, by explaining to him the reasons. Without logic, he might not give your argument a thumbs up.

Libra child will spend hours in his bathtub, surrounded by boats and ducks and bubbles and a fine scent. Maybe some soothing music will also do. Let him have his fun and later he will obediently open his book and read out the story to you while you cook. Do not mind if his eyes often turn towards the delicious dish you are preparing and his speech slurs. He will not disturb you till you finish.

Characteristics of Libra Children

Libra Infants

  • Beautiful
  • Moderate
  • Loves luxury
  • Charming
  • Bright
  • Dislikes violence/disharmony
  • Choosy in food
  • Delicate

Libra Adolescents

  • Extravagant
  • Loves to argue
  • Loyal
  • Intelligent
  • Loves cold logic
  • Artistically inclined
  • Romantic at heart
  • Indecisive
  • Pride in their judgments
  • Lover of beauty

How you can best handle your Libra

  • Need harmony at home
  • Irrational disciplining can hurt their growth, so will pampering
  • Encourage them to share
  • Do not take their arguments for stubbornness or rebellion

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