Your Leo Baby - The Ruler of The Realm

Leo  Baby Sun Sign

Your Leo child is what a lion is, strong and willful. As soon as he is born, he knows he is the king of the house. And he will rule with an iron fist. Keep everything perfect around him, which means the color of the walls too, and he will be happy. Dare to try delaying him his milk and hear the wail that will reach the neighbors.

In short, a Leo baby will be demanding. Gently remind him about fairness, and he will understand. A Leo’s sense of responsibility towards those weaker than him is acute. He will protect the weak and challenge the strong. Anything that gets into his way is quickly annihilated.

Even though he may seem invincible, harshness and unjust disciplining will make a Leo timid and introverted. Hampering their natural tendency towards domination is detrimental to their growth.

Leo Babies Love Those Who Love Them

An emotionally secure Leo will be warm and generous without ill-will towards anybody. Leos have a big heart and your baby will display his affection to you in every way he can. Bear hugs from your little Leo will warm your heart; do not be surprised if immediately afterwards he demands to be taken outside. If he could help it, he would have.

A Leo child will explain to you what he knows and even what he do not know. He will be a great talker because he is always trying to grasp new things and wants to pass off, or did I say show off, his knowledge to others.

Your Leo might react strongly to firm commands. It is universally agreed that a Leo will not evade a challenge to his authority. Therefore, tact works best with them. Once you learn to change his mind without hurting his ego, you will never have another problem with your Leo child. Leos are born with pride and they expect you to protect it. Once you cross the thorny path to a Leo’s heart, he will impress you with his tremendous generosity and warmth.

Your Leo Baby Will Love to Lead

A Leo will have superiority complex if his natural growth is not hampered by negative environment or authoritative figures. And still a Leo child needs your love and care. He might not admit it, but he waits for cuddles and praises.

Your Leo will be the leader of . . . actually any and all groups. He will love to convince his playmates with his ideal plans and get them to take orders from him. You see a grin on his bright face and you know he has got his way.

Comparing him with a sibling or a friend will hurt his self-worth. Criticizing them in public is devastating because he greatly enjoys public opinion and it has to be in his favor.

Leo Kids Learn Fast, and Know it

His excellent mind soaks almost every information. He is a natural learner. A Leo has the strength to carve out his own path even without formal training. His stupendous willpower can make him do almost anything he wants to do. Laziness is the only thing that might stall his work, though not for long.

A Leo can charm people with their enthusiasm and wit. If you look closely, you will see your Leo baby strike a pose when he sees a camera. They are immensely self-conscious, especially about their looks. You will see your Leo child spending secret hours before the mirror, trying out different hairstyles or just gazing at himself with admiration.

As a Leo grows up, he will like more freedom. Tying them down will only make them rebel. Keeping a Leo at home against his will can be a pain in the neck, so it is best to let him explore and learn on his own.

Your Leo Child Loves Challenges

Leos do not seek adventure, but they will not let it pass when they get a chance to indulge in one. Fighting and winning against the odds gives them a high and it does not matter to them whether the challenge is small or big. They love a good fight. More importantly, they love to win.

Before your Leo spends all your money in things he does not even remember, teach him to save and keep accounts. Leos are an extravagant lot. They love anything beautiful, so you can imagine.

To get a Leo to work for you, you need to give them some work that needs authority. Subordinate jobs do not go well with their enormous ego. But when you have a headache and the dishes need to be cleaned, your Leo is the one who will volunteer to do it. He might even clear the table and prepare hot milk for you. After all, it is a Leo’s endless generosity that charms others to follow his orders.

Characteristics of Leo Children

Leo Infants

  • Bright
  • Willful
  • Extrovert
  • Affectionate
  • Enthusiastic
  • Demanding
  • Generous
  • Exhibitionist
  • Active

Leo Adolescents

  • Independent
  • Stubborn
  • Spendthrifts
  • Sharp mind
  • Generous
  • Charming
  • Affectionate
  • Dominating
  • Like being in limelight
  • Proud
  • Helpful

How you can best handle your Leo

  • Give them freedom to explore and learn
  • Need early and repeated lessons
  • Logic with gentle authority works best
  • Scolding in public should be avoided

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