Your Gemini Baby - The Curious Little Imp

Gemini Baby Sun Sign

Prepare yourself for the rollercoaster ride with your Gemini child. They are eternal explorers. As soon as she is able to crawl, you will find her going through your boxes and emptying drawers. Your Gemini baby is a fast learner and you will have to cope up with his undying curiosity from day one.

Gemini will be demonstrative and athletic even when she is confined to the crib. Her tiny body houses gigantic amounts of energy, which can make her restless. Busy her with lots of entertainment or she will weary you down easily.

Gemini is an air sign and air never stays still. So it will be with your Gemini baby. She will start to move earlier than most babies and once she starts she will not stop. Because of their tremendous curiosity, they can sometimes get into danger. Your alertness is required almost all the time. You will not be wrong in thinking that keeping a Gemini still is the most difficult job on earth.

Your Gemini Child is a Bundle of Endless Energy

When going out with your Gemini, you need to keep your eyes extra open. She can easily get lost in a crowd if you are not paying attention. Almost anything can arouse her curiosity and she will not stop until she explores that thing in and out. A baby harness will save you from rapid heartbeats when you see your toddler missing from her pram.

In spite of her naughtiness, you cannot cut her freedom, mentally or physically. Try doing that and you will see a sad, helpless face watching you from behind the bars of her enclosure. That will make you not only pick her up and leave her out into the open, but also apologize for your mistake. After all, air cannot be confined.

Even before other children are learning to handle toys, your Gemini will be reading books. And she will learn fast. Before long, you will need to create a shelf exclusively for her books.

Gemini Babies are Social Animals

Your little Gemini will be a big talker. She will love telling stories. Whatever her mind has grasped from all the exploring will be returned with a bonus. Her quick mind needs variety and stimulation, so provide her plenty of interactive games.

You will find your Gemini to be a multitasking all the time. Telling them to sit still is punishment for them. Gently guiding their excessive energy to constructive activities is a better option than harsh discipline.

It comes handy to remember that whatever your child is doing is inherent in her nature. She is not trying to give you a hard time. She is following her instincts like every child does.

At school, Gemini will be a leader. She will love to show off her knowledge and skills to schoolmates and teachers. Her multifaceted personality will ensure that she picks up many hobbies like dancing, painting or learning languages.

The Little Gemini Artist

Gemini, young or old, live in a perfectly blended world of reality and illusion. To them it is natural to cross from one to another because to them the distinction does not exist. Do not believe in all that a Gemini tells. She can exaggerate to the point of lying. Of course, she is not doing it intentionally; that is how she makes the n banal world colorful.

A Gemini’s hands are made for intricate works. They make excellent surgeons, artists and magicians.

Restraining their enormous curiosity when it is blossoming in the early years can only lead to their hatred of the very things she loves: that is to explore and learn. A spurned Gemini will cower into her own world, not knowing why she is being confined. Channelizing their energy towards a specific goal is a kinder way to manage a Gemini.

Gemini Kids... More Friends Than You Can Handle

They love to travel, but it can be that they may miss the flight many times because they are never punctual. They may want you to listen to them with unbroken attention, but when their turn comes they are a little too impatient to let you reach your story’s end.

Gemini teenagers will be popular. They will be on the phone forever. It will be an impossible task for them to stick to a decision. Expect them to change their minds as soon as an opportunity arises.

Apart from your endless love, all they need from you is the freedom to learn and express themselves. They will do just fine. They know their responsibilities, it is just that they do not find the time from the thousand things that they want to do.

Characteristics of Gemini Children

Gemini infants

  • Great explorers
  • Restless
  • Curious
  • Imaginative
  • Energetic
  • Kind-hearted
  • Dynamic
  • Quick learners

Gemini Adolescents

  • Talkative
  • Tendency to exaggerate
  • Friendly
  • Hobbyist
  • Easily irritated
  • Dislikes routine
  • Curious and investigative
  • Intelligent
  • Love to travel (great explorers, remember?)
  • Sociable

How you can best handle your Gemini

  • Harsh discipline is unnecessary and harmful
  • Guide their enormous energy towards constructive uses
  • Familiarize them with books at an early age
  • Lead them by your own example

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