Your Gemini Baby - The Curious Little Imp

Capricorn  Baby Sun Sign

It is truly an injustice to call your Capricorn a child. No, that is not because they look like old people. That is because they behave like adults. You will never see your little Capricorn trying to climb a tree or pouting when you scold him. He is wise beyond his years and there is little that can disturb his poise.

Even as his baby wrinkles go away, his maturity is here to stay. But that does not mean you can take him for granted. A Capricorn can be as stubborn as he is considerate. Treat him well and he will not give you trouble, give him trouble and he will lower his head with his goat horns pointing straight at you.

Your little Capricorn is capable of changing his moods like the weather. Some days, he is bright as the sun; some other days, he is gloomy like an overcast sky. He may not disturb you while you are at home, but he will expect his share of love and caring from you.

Your Capricorn Child is an Adult in a Small Package

With a Capricorn child, you will not get a chance to baby talk. Try telling him, ‘Does my teeny meeny want to go to shchooool?’ and he will look at you with the stare of an adult and reply, ‘I will go to school at three.’ Sometimes when with him, you will wonder who the child is.

Luckily for you, your Capri will not fuss over food, clothes, toys etc. He will almost never have temper tantrums. If anything you did upset him, he will not become sullen or bitter, but will tell you what is wrong, in direct and articulate words. Parents of a Capricorn child often wonder from where he got his maturity because it sometimes makes them feel a bit foolish in front of him.

A Capricorn is rarely demanding. All his energy is concentrated in learning what will lead him to success. It is as if he has no time for kiddish whims and fancies that other kids indulge in. He will crawl with the single-mindedness to master walking. He will speak words to master language. He will eat to get energy from food. He has everything under his control, and that is the way he likes it.

Capri Children Are Easy to Rear

Your Capricorn child will react to instructions in two ways. A firm ‘No’ from you when he has laid his hands on your picture book can make him give it up, because he was never that much interested in having it. Or. If he really wants it, he will loiter around, waiting for you to repent or to find a person who will give in to his request. Either way, he wins.

At mealtimes, you will find him seated on his seat on time, every time. Capricorn loves routine and he will respect the family routine. That is true for everything that he does. His toys will be organized and his books placed in a neat row. He respects your systems and expects the same from you. Disturbing his room will bring a reaction.

With a Capricorn child, you will have to learn how to handle him as an adult, which is just the opposite of what most parents need to learn.

With playmates, he will love to enact roles of an adult. He will enjoy taking up your role, doing all the chores, instructing his kid to do tasks properly. Even to elder kids, he will try to be the parent or an elder sibling. His respect for authority makes him take on an adult role before he is ready for it.

Guide Your Capri Kid with Logic and Reason

A Capricorn child is born practical. You will not see him wasting time on aimless games like hide and seek. He would much rather prefer to sew a nest for a bird or build a tree house for him.

Your little Capricorn will be shy in public. He will love to spend time at home with his family than with the neighborhood kids. A Capricorn will not succumb to popular tastes that other kids imitate. He will seldom have a large gang of friends. The few that will make his circle will be much quieter and serious than most other kids, and he will aim to keep them with him all his life.

It will flatter him when you tell him that he is the perfect child. He will grow red in the face, but he will feel happy every time he remembers the compliment.

If there is no conflicting sign or the restless Moon in his sign, your Capricorn will be good at school. His natural practicality topped with his good manners and wisdom will be an example to other students. He is not an exhibitionist, so he will not point at his qualities like the Leo.

Capricorn Children Set Their Own Pace

One thing to keep in mind is his method. His has his own style and pace in which he likes to do things. Pressure or interference in his designs will test his patience. When it comes to studies, he will learn thoroughly, but slowly. Do not expect him to bring home the trophy every time. It is more important that he learns what he can use later in life. And he knows it.

Responsibility comes naturally to him, but he may back out if it brings tremendous pressure with it and disrupts his everyday routine. He will go out to play only after completing his homework, if that is what he has been taught to do. He does not need constant reminding to complete tasks, which is a boon for any parent.

Because of their consistency and dependability, they will often be chosen for leadership roles. Being shy, he will love to teach through example and gentle instructions. It is not in his nature to be pushy or extravagant, no matter where he is. In his life, all that he aims to achieve through his stupendous hard work is respect, authority and security.

Capricorns have a strong instinct for self preservation so you need not worry if you see him being bossed around by other aggressive kids. He can take care of himself even though he is calm and obedient.

Keep Your Capri Child Active

Encourage your Capricorn to take up an outdoor sport. Just a walk will not interest him much (remember his need for practicality). Outdoor activities will keep him safe from the gloomy Saturn in his sign.

A Capricorn will be romantic, but shy. He will notice the opposite gender, but will be too introverted to get into a relationship. Even when he does, he will need to learn how to keep it. A sympathetic and understanding approach to his love life will help him to be more direct and frank.

Even though he acts like an adult, he will need your love and support at every point. His respect for the family especially the parents need to be retained for him to grow into a stable individual. Even though he may be a bit of a pragmatist, for you he will always be your child.

Characteristics of Capricorn Children

Capricorn Infants

  • Wise
  • Careful
  • Obedient
  • Shy
  • Obstinate
  • Serious
  • Practical
  • Moderate
  • Determined

Capricorn Adolescents

  • Well-mannered
  • Dependable
  • Shy
  • Ambitious
  • Methodic
  • Responsible
  • Humble
  • Intelligent
  • Introvert
  • Loyal

How you can best handle your Capricorn

  • Outdoor activities are good for his physical and emotional health
  • Encourage him to read and gift him mind games
  • Be alert to his needs
  • Gently guide him to practical goals

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