Your Cancer Baby - The Sensitive Little Angel

Cancer Baby Sun Sign

It will not take time for you to know that your Cancer is moody. In a single day, he will parade before you almost all emotions that humans are capable of. Your Cancer’s expressive little eyes are the gateway to his heart.

He will have a world weary look in his beautiful eyes, but his incredible memory is acutely recording everything happening around him. Even when at night he is lying still in his crib like a good boy and you think you can skip the goodnight song, think twice. Your Cancer baby knows you have duped him and might bring it up in a discussion twenty years from now.

Family means everything to him. Your relationship with your spouse will have a strong influence on those born under the Sun in Cancer. They are extremely sensitive to your reactions and moods. Unharmonious family environment can make them introverted.

Treat your Cancerian Baby With Care

Your Cancer baby needs a lot of affection and encouragement from you. Rejection and harshness in early life can devastate these sensitive souls. He might show you the hurt by sulking or weeping, but he will never be aggressive. Understandably, moments of emotional bonding and family get-togethers are special moments for a Cancer child.

Bringing up a Cancer baby is relatively easier than children born under other signs. He will be a fun playmate and rarely get into trouble for naughtiness. He will love cuddles and massages. Cancer children love to be appreciated. You can see an instant smile on his face if you call him ‘my lovely boy’ after he has been playing by himself for hours. In absence of real friends, a Cancer child may create an imaginary friend and stick to him like a long lost brother.

Cancer Baby is Gentle and Sensitive

Your Cancer baby may get insecure without you. He has his fears. It takes a gentle and understanding parent to persuade him that no danger can come to him. He might take his time to sleep by himself, but when he is ready, he will do so without fuss. Scolding and force will only make him more uneasy and afraid, making it difficult for you for re-earn his trust.

Any kind of roughness is detrimental to his growth. Your Cancer child will understand logic more than strictness. Any kind of harsh discipline or simply an effort to toughen him up will backfire. He might stop playing with you or simply imprison himself in his room, quietly playing by himself all day. Continue it regardless of his reaction and he might grow up reclusive, not wanting to communicate with people, happy in the quiet world he has created for himself.

The nature of a Cancer is as fine as the sand. Even a slight breeze can create disturbances in it. A Cancer will, if faced with negativity, turn bitter. To heal his sensitive heart, you will need to do a lot of pampering. Even to a Cancer who has been brought up in a healthy environment, you need to do that extra pampering to keep his self-confidence high.

Ignite the Fire in your Cancer Child

As said earlier, a Cancer can be pampered by praise, encouragement and lots of love. A Cancer loved and protected through early years will remain emotionally independent in adulthood.

If the above description made you think that Cancer is a pushover, think again. Cancer babies are independent thinkers and display signs of individualism quite early in life. Leadership comes to Cancer effortlessly.

It is important for Cancer to have creative outlets. His pent up dreams and his extraordinary imagination require an expression. Painting, poetry, singing will attract your Cancer child. When given an opportunity, your Cancer will learn with sincerity and doggedness unusual for kids of his age.

Cancer Kids are Great Entertainers

His sincerity will not stop at creative pursuits, it spill to almost everything that he believes in. It is tough, almost impossible, to make them change their decision once they have made it. Call it stubbornness or sincerity, you cannot convince him to do what he does not believe in.

Your Cancer baby, who adores your singing, might one day become a singer himself. Cancer’s talent for art may make him a renowned artist. Whatever he does, he will use his resources wisely, saving his earn for a rainy day. He will always be aware of family troubles although he might not discuss it at home.

A Cancer’s love for humor will see him entertaining friends with funny anecdotes. They love a good joke. Joviality comes naturally to them when they are with friends. They may try to win over a girl through their wit and humor.

A Cancer will love his home. He will take care of the garden, if you want him to. And do not be surprised if he turns it into a heaven, as if by magic. A Cancer can be a business tycoon, but his heart lies in the simple creativity that a garden requires, and with a Cancer you can be sure that whatever he does will be done with sincerity and stubbornness.

Characteristics of Cancer Children

Cancer Infants

  • Moody
  • Introverted
  • Imaginative
  • Sensitive
  • Stubborn
  • Quiet
  • Sharp memory
  • Creative
  • Shy

Cancer Adolescents

  • Leader
  • Inclined towards creative pursuits
  • Sensitive
  • Caring
  • Sincere
  • Idealist
  • Careful
  • Sober
  • Depressive tendency
  • Loyal to family
  • Home bird

How you can best handle your Cancer

  • Cruel disciplining is a complete no-no
  • Need lots of emotional and physical pampering
  • Early exposure to arts will benefit
  • Share his fears and joys
  • Do not put pressure

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