Your Aries Baby - The natural born leader

Aries Baby Sun Sign

It is easy to spot an Aries child in a nursery. Do you see that tiny one with the big voice? She is instructing the kids on how to add blocks to her building. She will not move away till she finishes it or let others ruin her plan. Aries babies, even when they are too small to speak, are able to call the shots. They are born rulers. Do not think you can get away if you do not include her tiny majesty in your conversations. At best, she will interfere. At worst, she will not let you chat.

This Mars child, if emotionally and physically healthy, will be adventurous. They hate to be alone so you will forever be a spectator to her misadventures. Whatever she does, she will need your quiet presence around her.

Understandably, it is difficult to be a parent to an Aries child, but it is your love that has made the world charming enough for her to explore. Test it. Shower her with attention and see an instant smile blossom on her face. She will make you feel that there is nothing she likes better than attention. And this trait will not go away with years. Adult Aries are not much unlike their tiny companions except in size.

Your Aries Baby's Emotions

If an Aries child is emotionally starved, she can grow quiet and docile unlike her demonstrative Aries friends. The Mars in her can come up anytime in life, but it will be a test for her extraordinary will to emerge from a sad childhood.

Even though an Aries child is an exhibitionist, she would seldom hurt anybody. Their surface exuberance hides a soft heart and a firm belief in goodness for all. Her heart cannot keep in negativity. She only knows how to blast it out or to forgive and forget.

Your Aries Darling is Tough and Knows it

The contradiction between their aggressive exterior and the delicateness of their emotions can sometimes confuse you. At such times, it will be good to remember that your Aries baby needs her freedom as well as you. They are difficult to control, no doubt, and there can be occasions when you will feel yourself deficient. The delicate balance of protection and freedom is what both you and your baby needs at such times.

April’s metal is iron and its birthstone is diamond. Both are one of the hardest materials available to man. Yes, Aries is tough. Daring and restless, they will many times get into dangers and sometimes face them for the sheer thrill of it. In early years, your careful guidance will save them from possible injuries. The head and the face is especially vulnerable to accidents.

Your Aries Child - Bundle of Surprises

Expect the unexpected with an Aries toddler. Once she starts understanding orders, you will need to shuffle through your vocabulary many times to choose the word she will obey. A firm ‘No’ to an Aries toddler will boomerang with a firm ‘No’ from her to you. Tough words will not go well with your tough little Aries. Your efforts to dominate or contain her enthusiasm for almost everything under the sun will be useless.

The impulsiveness of Aries is legendary. You need to make your home baby-proof when you know that the stork if due in April. Everything within her reach will be explored in and out. Going out with her with be an adventure for both you and her.

As she grows older, she will surprise you with bear hugs. She will be direct and demonstrative in her affections as in everything else. You will see her laugh and cry with equal abandon.

Aries Children are healthy

Aries have a tremendously strong immune system. Illnesses, minor or major, will not keep them down for long. Loving support from you will accelerate their recovery and before you know it your Aries child will be bouncing on her feet again.

She will quickly become a leader among her playmates. She will use her resourceful mind to invent new games. She would expect her peers to follow her plan and if somebody tries to spoil her game, she will make sure he dares not do it again. Early lessons on sharing and caring will go a long way in making them responsible for their own good.

Your Charming Little Aries

Life with an Aries child will be full of pleasant and some not-so-pleasant surprises. She may have a fit of anger one minute and blossom into the sweetest smile the next. It is her sensitive heart topped with a curious mind that makes her charming. She may not think homework important enough, but she will learn nevertheless. She will read anything that ignites her curiosity and will end up knowing more than bookworms. Try to curb her into a routine and she will be stubbornness personified.

It will not be fair to her to doubt her ability. She possesses an excellent mind and with time, she will learn how to control it. Challenges bring out the best in her because of her inherent competitiveness. After an assured win, she will show off the spoils with pride.

Once you learn not to bind her unthinkingly, she will impress you by fulfilling your expectations and more. There is no other sun sign that appreciates honesty and directness more than the Aries.

...So full of ideas

People who are unable to look through the festive exterior of the Aries can sometimes misunderstand their passion and call them heartless. In truth, an Aries heart is tender and can bleed for months if hurt by a loved one. They have hidden fears that they keep away from almost everybody, including themselves. One such fear is being disliked and rejected. If such an occasion arises, she will come to you bruised and sad. She needs you to heal her. Once she manages to come out of the sadness through your solid support, she will quickly (remember their strong immune system. It holds true for their emotions as well) become her old, expansive self again.

An Aries child’s imagination is so vast that it will accept almost anything. Fairies, genies, witches and superboys will be real to them as you and me. She will need positive, hopeful stories full of adventures to engage her extraordinary mind. From a very early age, she will show her appreciation for books for this reason.

Your Aries teenager is just the bigger form of the tiny one you reared. She will still avoid traditional education and might not opt for college. Instead, she will be in the thick of action in whatever she chooses to do. Aries who are taught (lovingly, of course) self-discipline at an early age will succeed in life as compared to those who are not. It is their impulsiveness that can hurt them more than any external factor.

An Aries’ can only blossom with love and care. It might be difficult to serve the will of this tiny tyrant, but when it is her turn, she will not hold anything back. The love of an Aries child is as generous and vast as herself.

Characteristics of Aries Children

Aries infants

  • Curious and energetic
  • Emotional/ sensitive
  • Independent
  • Willful
  • Positive and direct
  • Quick learners
  • Strong in body and mind
  • Moody

Aries Teenagers

  • Active and enthusiastic
  • Large-hearted
  • Day dreamer
  • Competitive
  • Impatient
  • Good at leadership
  • Ambitious
  • Adventurous
  • Love freedom

How you can best handle your Aries Child

  • Avoid giving direct orders and use tact
  • Early lessons in discipline will help throughout later life
  • Feed their imagination with books
  • Reason bends their will
  • Daily dose of love topped with instructions is the best medicine for Aries

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