Your Aquarius Baby - The Unpredictable Experimentor

Aquarius Baby Sun Sign

Expect the unexpected with an Aquarius child. He will be inventing from day one, experimenting with things with the dedication of a scientist, and may as well scream at you if you disturb his massive mission.

Your Aquarius child is a genius and you know well that with geniuses come idiosyncrasies. His peculiarity might scare away the gentle, soft hearted creatures. If you keep a nanny make sure she is tough enough to handle this bundle of energy.

He is unpredictable, both in his mind and actions. He will suddenly jump up from his chair and begin work on the latest revelation. Sometimes you will wonder from where he gets all the ideas in his head. Is there an antenna? It will definitely seem like there is.

Little Aquarians are full of Energy

Your tiny Aquarius will never lie still. He will struggle to learn to crawl quickly so that he can realize all the unending things that he wants to do. When he grows up, you will always see him “doing” something. With an Aquarius child, there is never a dull moment.

Restricting his movements or constraining him to an organized activity will be met with disapproval. He wants to be free to explore things on his own. He will want the same when he turns twenty. His curiosity will not die with age, it will only change direction.

From this you can deduce that an Aquarius is a busy, private person. Their mind is so full of happenings, real or imaginary, that he will have little time for worldly affairs. Do not start if you see your little Aquarius bang into the door, lost in thought. He will be lost to you most of the time too.

Be Alert Around your Aquarius Child

He will need your constant alertness towards possible dangers. Your Aquarius is absentminded and might get into trouble without realizing it. When he will be an adult, he will learn to cross the street after looking at both sides. But that will come after a hundred reminders from you until it becomes a habit.

You cannot be blamed for thinking he is stubborn when he refuses to take bath by a spontaneous and loud ‘No’. Tell him he will be dirty the whole day and leave him alone. After a while, he will come up to you and tell you he wants to take a bath. Aquarius are independent minded. They will stick to a decision if they take it themselves.

With an Aquarius child, you will be on a rollercoaster, emotionally and physically. One moment he will be smiling happily, complimenting you on the excellent yogurt you made, and another moment he will be irritated at the tremendous burden the world is putting over him to achieve. When he is still young, teach him responsibility and direct his energy towards positive activities.

Aquarian Children Make Good Speakers

You will not have to worry about entertaining guests at a party if your Aquarius is at home. His excellent mind and great oratory will charm your guests till you are free to attend to them. He likes to connect and exchange ideas more than get applause for his innovativeness.

An Aquarius is a master at picking up emotions. No use hiding your pain from him. He will sense it the moment he sees you even though you put up a smile. Family tensions will disturb him deeply, causing unhappiness that could stretch for a long time.

He will believe you if you tell him that if he does not wash his hands, tiny germs will breed on them. He might believe it a little too much and see tiny germs everywhere and in everything.

But in some things, he may not remember things you expect him to. His teachers will be as confused as you. He will be recognized as sharp, but he will not remember his own thoughts. Ask him how he reached that marvelous conclusion and he will have no idea. The only correct answer in such situations is that his thoughts move faster than light.

Aquarius Children Have a Scientific Mind

Your Aquarius child will be obsessed with time. And it works both ways. Either he will be fascinated with it and read all time travel books that you buy him or he will be scared of the rigidity that it imposes on him.

He will take his time to prove his genius to the world, but it will eventually happen. He will win awards nationally and internationally for his unique creations, whatever they may be. If his talent is channeled early on, he may prove his worth early. The lesson of responsibility is the most important that you can teach him.

Because of his independence of thought, which may sometimes lead him to day-dream when the teacher is running a lecture, can get him into trouble. To be fair to him, he was not day-dreaming; he was creating the complex mechanism for a machine that can get him coffee whenever he asks for it.

Aquarius Kids are People's People

Your Aquarius will have lots of friends. If you accompany him, you will find him chatting informally with shopkeepers, office clerics, coffee house waiters or the street beggar. His love of people is universal and unbiased.

For an Aquarius teenager, love affairs will not be problematic. Break-ups will be less hurtful. They will seldom go crazy over the opposite gender.

A gift of puzzles, mystery or detective books will be best for your Aquarius. Although he will not watch all the detective serials on television, he will know about all of them. Aquarius may not pick up your traditional jobs of a banker or software professional. He is drawn towards nature and may develop a lifelong interest in birds, wildlife, plants and geography. He will chart out his own course even if it takes longer than usual.

Your Aquarius will have a dream and it will be good for him if you back him up. Even if he may not be able to fulfill his dream, he will always remain a dreamer. The surprises that he throws up every once in a while are enough for now to keep you on your toes for now.

Characteristics of Aquarius Children

Aquarius Infants

  • Alert
  • Energetic
  • Quick
  • Independent
  • Willful
  • Unpredictable
  • Fast learner

Aquarius Adolescents

  • Eccentric
  • Dreamer
  • Pragmatic
  • Innovative
  • Intelligent
  • Nature lover
  • Unconventional
  • Rational
  • Active

How you can best handle your Aquarius

  • Teach him responsibility early on
  • Channelize his energy towards a goal
  • Outdoor activities are beneficial for overall development
  • Give him freedom to experiment and explore
  • Stay alert to dangers that can cause accidents

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