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Planets and Travel Abroad

M S Mehta

Knowing fundamentals of Astrology and interpreting a horoscope are two entirely different things. Even when one claims that one knows all the combinations and principles, the results sometimes areMore Info

Analysing Horoscope Through Modern techniques

M S Mehta

This book has specially been written taking into considerations needs of students to comprehend astrology and be able to give correct predictions in shortest possible time.The author has made stepMore Info

Annual Horoscope(Tajik)

M S Mehta

This is the first excellent book which is the best to have come out on tajak or annual horoscope till date containing brilliant predictive hints and examples. More Info

Planets And Travel Abroad

M S Mehta

The author has made use of the ideas in corporating the timings for travel abroad. The results obtained are simply fascinating and readers and scholars will appreciate the high degree of accuracyMore Info

Advance Predictive Techniques of Ashtakvarga

M S Mehta

It is only Ashtakvarga that will tell us about the strength and weakness of planets and ultimately the periods of happiness prosperity or turmoil and dejections. Great contribution of AshtakvargaMore Info