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Practical Application of Nadi Techniques

K B Gopal Krishnan

Tags : nadi jyotish, vedic astrology, Bhrigu Samhita,

Categories : Vedic Astrology, Naadi Jyotish, Bhrigu Samhita,

The author of this book has been making use of Nadi methods of predictions for some years successfully and has some success to his credit. Snapshot methods in astrology are mostly based on transits and progressions. It is not western astrology but Hindu astrology which has believed in various types of progressions be they Bhrigu or Nadi progressions or the Sudarshan Chakra methods. These progressions are amazing because here without any dasha sound results can be arrived at and dependable predictions given.

 Most of the principles given in the book are known to many astrologers but are scattered here and there. It is good to find them compiled at one place. The book becomes a useful collection of some well-known principles of Bhrigu or Nadi.