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The New Palmistry

Judith Hipskind

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Ten years ago professional palmist Judith Hips kind made a shocking discovery. On the back of a client’s hand, and in the knuckles specifically, she suddenly noticed lines and symbols that revealed much more than the palm lines she had been studying for 15 years.

Over the next decade, Hips kind researched the knuckles and received verification from hundreds of surprised and satisfied clients on the remarkable accuracy of her amazing new system.

In this groundbreaking book, Hipskind shares her discoveries so you, too, can easily read the secrets in the whole hand. Your own hands contain incredibly clear answers to your questions about the immediate future of your career, finances, relationships and health. Learn about the people in your life-significant others, your boss or the person in the off next to you.

Discover whether or not there will be difficulties ahead that can be worked out with advance warning, and find out whether your current efforts are leading to success.