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Sritattvachintamani of Purnananda

Bhuvanmohan Sankhyatirtha

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 Sritattvacintamani is a tantric treatise composed in Sanskrit verses by a sixteenth century Sadbaka of Bengal, Paramahamsa Purnananda. The work contains as many as twenty-six chapters, called Prakasas, on almost all the subjects of tantric importance, the most important of which is the sixth known as Satcakranirupana and published several times as an independent book. The topics discussed in this book include : initiation for a religious ceremony, palces etc.

for initiation and other things, the six mystical circle of the body, the kinds of mantras or incantations, the different tantric female deities, the deity named Sodasi, the nature of Sricakra after which the book is named, hymns to Tripurasundari, the sacrifice called Jnanaduti, the hymns containing one thousand names of the great Tripurasundari, consecration of a mystical diagram used as an amulet etc.