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Horary Astrology & Swarauday Shastra

Sumeet Chugh

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In his introduction, Chugh says there are two methods of answering horary questions: Parasari and Tajika. In this book he uses both methods. He also gives a brief description of Nakshatras in horary astrology. He says that of all the various methods, the "Sarvatobhadra chakra" is the most amazing of all. Questions can also be answered on the basis of Swara, or breath. Swarauday shastra is prediction based on which nostril you're breathing from. A very interesting book.

Horary astrology draws on a horoscope for the time of a specific query. Chugh gives an account of how the nakshatras have been employed to answer queries, as also the science of swara or breath. He uses a combination of two methods of answering queries on the basis of a horary chart, namely the Parasari and the Tajika. After explaining the preliminaries, he advises approaches to answering queries on marriage, childbirth, wealth, profession, health, lost properties and thefts and missing persons, etc.