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Vedic Astrological Calculations


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The book deals with calculation of Time, Ayanamsha, Nirayan Longitudes of Grahas and Bhavas, quite in detail. The important subject of Vargas (Divisional) Charts), Relationships and Aspects have been discussed at length. The difficult of planetary strength i.e. Balas of Grahas and Bhavas has been explained in a systematic and simpler way. The book also deals with Nakshatra Dasha, Transit and Ayurdaya. The book is a complete collection of all the mathematical details of Astrological calculations.     

The book had a good number of mathematical formulae for precise calculations of above mentioned topics based on Algebra and Trigonometry. In this edition, alternative simpler methods have also been incorporated which will go a long way for the students and the practitioners of Divine Science of Vedic Astrology. All the methods have been actually explained with the help of examples. The Ready Reckoner Tables given at the end of the book will be extremely useful to avoid the manual calculations.