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Varshphal or Annual Horoscope

Sumeet Chugh

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“I have found that whenever we skip over the Annual Chart, we do great injustice to ourselves”. The above are the famous words written by Mr. L D Madan in the April, 1990 issue of “The Babaji”. He wrote the article when there was a request from many quarters as to how he had predicted that Rajiv Gandhi will not come back as the Prime Minister of India and that V P Singh was destined to be India’s Prime Minister. Again in 1991, Mr. Madan predicted that Congress (I) will come to power without Rajiv Gandhi and the Horoscope of Rajive Gandhi was now sealed forever within his 47th year (ending August 20, 1991). Again he had demonstrated the excellence of Varshphal.

In this book, the author, a student of Mr. Madan, has put together a lot of combinations and techniques he has learnt from his Guru. The readers will find the system of Annual Horoscopy of great use and are advised never to miss casting it if they do not wish to go wrong. Varshphal, Annual horoscope, Tajika system or the science of solar return is a unique feature of Vedic Astrology propounded by Hindu seers. It was systematized by Neelkantha in his work “Tajik Neelkanthi”. The author has gone through various ancient texts on this subject in Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit. In this book he has presented the conclusions before the readers.