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Uttara Kalamrita (of Kalidasa)

S S Sareen

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Uttara Kalamrita is an invaluable contribution in the field of astrology by the poet Kalidasa. Some authorities have expressed their doubts about the authorship in spite of the references in the first three Slokas about the poet and the King Vikramaditya and claim that the text has been composed by some astrologer of South India. Whatever may be the truth, the fact remains that it is a praiseworthy compilation of Astrological findings on the various aspects of human life pertaining to a native and make the study both instructive and profitable to all—whether casual readers or scholars. As no one book is enough and complete in itself and a good collection of books on any one subject is essential, this Uttara Kalamrita will certainly make a wonderful companion of the reader, whatever else he might have studied. Remember, in absence of a Guru, books are the best guide. Such a guide will be the Uttara Kalamrita.