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Text Book of Scientific Hindu Astrology, 2 Vol.Set

Prof. P S Sastri

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For many years there has been a persistent demand for an upto date comprehensive text-book of Astrology based on scientific treatment of the subject. This book is complete in itself, includes every aspect of Astrology and does away with the necessity of purchasing any additional volume as text book. The present work in the beginning emphasises on relation of Astrology to science and philosophy and thus establishes the validity of Astrology. There is added stress on the importance of aspects and value of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in modern times as new horizons have evolved in the field of employment and social values.

The work includes exhaustive chapters on longevity determination, scientific determination of bhavas, principles of judgement, Yogas, Astro-medical diagnosis, Transits, Ashtaka Varga and elements of Jaimini System.  A number of example horoscopes confirm the validity of the principles especially in chapters on professions and diseases. The sanctity and intrinsic character of Hindu Astrology has been maintained throughout which makes the book equally indispensable for the beginners as well as scholars of Astrology.