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Sublord Speaks, 3 Volume Set (KP)

K M Subramaniam

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Yes, in our KP System, the Sublord always speaks. The cuspal sublords decide the fate of the native in a chart. The starlord indicates the significators of the particular Bhava, and the Sublord, i.e. Planetary sublord indicates whether it is beneficial or not. In timing of the events, this sublord, along with Cuspal Sublord gives clue to the astrologer, for a correct future prediction. This book was written by a seniormost KP Scholar late Mr K M Subramaniam of Perambur in the magazine KP and Astrology. Not only planetary sublord, but the cuspal sublord also plays a major role in predictive portion of KP system in absence of planets in their stars. Without Sublord, there is no KP system.