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Prasanagnana of Bhattotpala

S S Sareen

Tags : Varaha Mihira, brihat jataka, Horary Astrology,

Categories : Vedic Astrology, Horary Astrology,

  Bhattotpala is well-known to Hindu Astrological community as a great commentator of Brihat Jataka of Varaha Mihira. He has composed this work, Prasanagnana, the science of queries or Horary branch of Astrology. The author, beginning with the duties of both the Astrologer and the Querist, dwells on the chief principles of this sacred science; such as, how to predict the future through Omens; the effects of the Bhavas; the Ascendant, its nature and the aspect of planets; planetary effects with regard to their respective positions, etc. He starts with the possible queries regarding acquisition of position; journey; recovery from illness, loss of articles, defeat etc.; tome for marriage; about pregnancy and the newborn; regarding tastes of the querist; dreams; rainfall; clue to theft and thieves, how to find out the object of query; time of conception and recovery of the lost property, etc. Every effort has been made to make this little work as comprehensive and as useful as possible. The Yogas included provide a new insight in this great science.