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New Rules and Combinations in Hindu Astrology

S K Mehta

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The book contains the Planetary Combinations which I have come across during the author's career as an astrologer. These Combinations generally do not fail and can be successfully applied to the native and other relations of the native also. As such they can be used for checking the correctness of the natal chart as well. The author has tried to incorporate some of the Fundamental Rules of Hindu Astrology also in this book which will be helpful for the reader to have a clear understanding of the Combinations.

However, a sincere reader is advised to go through the author's first book, "New Dimensions in Hindu Astrology", as the same would help in an easy grasp of the principles explained in this work. The author has tried to explain the Combinations with the help of different charts applicable to the native as well as other relatives of the native and the reader is also advised to apply these combinations with an open mind.