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New Dimension in Hindu Astrology

S K Mehta

Tags : vedic astrology, horoscope, predictive Astrology, Raj Yoga,

Categories : Vedic Astrology,

This book has been written keeping in view that a scientific and systematic knowledge may be provided to the students of Astrology. It has been observed that even fundamentals are not clear to many students. This book presents a correct approach in this regard. Keeping aside this, the book presents excellent expressions of predictive Astrology which includes, strength of planets in different signs, circular casting of horoscope, behaviour of malefics and benefics with live and non-live things, relations of one house with others, presentation of Raj Yoga in quite a new way, rectification or errors of horoscope and synchronization of periods along with many other aspects. Every effort has been made to express each detail in a way that even a layman may understand everything easily.