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Medical Astrology: a Rational Approach

J N Bhasin

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It has been endeavoured to introduce a few specialities in this book. Firstly to discuss for the benefit of the student of astrology a maximum number of diseases under astrological laws. Secondly to supply in support of that discussion as many illustrations from actual life as is possible, with a view to make the subject readily understandable. Thirdly the effort has been made to place the astrological material in a rational and logical manner, so that the question of health and disease can be tackled in an independent way without being too much subservient to the shlokas of the text. There are very few books, if at all, which discuss "how" and "why" of disease.

The authors have attempted to discuss the constituents of diseases and the astrological factors representing them severely in order that the student can extend the application of the method to new diseases. All the subjects discussed in this book are based strictly on the fundamental and basic canons of the science of Indian Astrology which is ex-precessional in character. The author has specially introduced into the book two chapters entitled "Some Fundamental Principles" and "Some Important Rules of Astrology", so as to enable even a layman to be benefited by this divine science.