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Impact Of Ascending Signs

V. K. Choudhry

 Astrology is a science of predicting events on the basis of the position of plants in a horoscope. It appears to be quite amusing if somebody says that astrology has nothing to do with theMore Info

How to Study Divisional Charts

V. K. Choudhry

 Salient Features Why study Divisional Charts? How to study divisional Charts? Analyzing debilitated planets Analyzing combust planets Special reference to the main period of Ketu RemedialMore Info

Application of Prasna Astrology

V. K. Choudhry

 • Concepts and Analytical Techniques • Insight • Identifying Prasna Prime Determinants, Afflictros, Significators, Timing Events & Recovery • Application ofMore Info

A Complete Book on Triple Transit Influences of Planets

V. K. Choudhry

The divine science of Vedic Astrology is one of the most useful bodies of knowledge available to the mankind. We all know prevention is better than cure. The divine science of Vedic AstrologyMore Info