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Your True Horoscope: Birth Time Rectification

S P Khullar

Your True Horoscope is a rare book on Birth Time Rectification. It is based on the philosophy that human being essentially consists of body, mind and soul. The Astrological birth time of eachMore Info

True Astrology: Kalamsa & Cuspal Interlinks Theory

S P Khullar

The sacred science of Astrology was regarded by the greatest scientist of the era Albert Einstein as a true science. He said, “Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminatingMore Info

True Astrology: Basic & Traditional Concepts

S P Khullar

Is Astrology a science? “No, it is a super science” says Mr. Astrologer. It is, in fact the dogmatic, rigid and ritualistic approach of the practitioners of astrology, which resultedMore Info