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Utility of Shadvargas

K K Pathak

Standard texts on astrology define and present charts of Shadvargas but very few books say about the utility of Shadvargas. As a result most of the astrologers are in dark about the practicalMore Info

Sage Bhrigu on Predictive Astrology

K K Pathak

Bhrigu is one of the founders of Hindu Astrology. Except Pitamaha, Kasyapa and Narada, Bhrigu preceded all Hindu Astrologers. Parasara, Jaimini and Garga belonged to last part of Satya Yuga orMore Info

Remedial Astrology

K K Pathak

From time immemorial, our saints and sages had been, through extensive study of ancient scriptures and the outcome of their own observations, collected, collated and compiled treatises on variousMore Info

Principles and Practices of Mundane Astrology

K K Pathak

The book, Principles and Practices of Mundane Astrology, deals with an outline of Mundane Astrology. It explains how certain planetary configurations may cause upheavals like trails of accidents,More Info