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Yogas: the Marvels of Hindu Astrology

O P Verma

 Present work is written with an intent to enlighten the readers with the peculiar part of Hindu Astrology known as Yogas. It is difficult to find an English equivalent of the word YogaMore Info

Secrets of Vimshottari Dasa

O P Verma

Vimshottari Dasa system of timing of events has an elevated place in Hindu system of Astrology. Hindu Astrologers have been using this system effectively from the time immemorial. Vimshottari DasaMore Info

Profession through Astrology

O P Verma

This book seeks to present a systematic study of the tenth house. In the preparation of this book, a great number of ancient and modern books have been consulted. The intention is to study theMore Info

Planetary Aspects in Astrology

O P Verma

Astrology is the scientific discipline concerned with possible actions of cosmic bodies upon organic life and inorganic substances on our planet earth. Astrological science for this purpose hasMore Info