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Nakshatra (Constellations) Based Prediction

K T Shubhakaran

"Dasa System" means "timing of the fate of human beings based on the position condition of the planets at birth". Changes do happen in the life of a native at each and everyMore Info

Nakshatra (Constellations) Based Predictions

K T Shubhakaran

This book is based on the author's several years of research on 'Nakshatras' and their importance on human beings. Maximum possible information has been given about each Nakshatra.More Info

Mystical Formulae, Part—1: Mantras

K T Shubhakaran

Mystical Formulae is another synonym for Mantras in the literary sense. The reason why the author has selected Mystical Formulae in place of Mantras is that the Mantra actually means The TechniqueMore Info