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World of Nakshatra

K K Mishra

The author has tried to explain the role of Nakshatras in daily life. Details of every Nakshatra (constellation) has been given. We can judge different diseases through Nakshatras as well as theMore Info

Stars for Child Birth

K K Mishra

Astrological birth—this book teaches about the mathematical calculation of astrology. It also explains the time calculation of marriage, birth of male or female baby.  Different rolesMore Info

Solution of Marriage

K K Mishra

This book has been written for the guideline of the lover students of Astrology. Main purpose of this treatise is to illustrate that the individual should get to know himself and be able to obtainMore Info

Medical Science and Astrology

K K Mishra

In this little book, the author shows the scientific relation of astrology with modern medical science. He explains the twelve houses of the horoscope and the time of disease, and how to determineMore Info