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Books by Prof. K Hariharan

Upanakshatra Jyothisha

Prof. K Hariharan

1. The truth of the theory of Krishnamurti Paddhati; 2. KP and time of fructification of marriage; 3. Will I buy a vehicle? 4. Nature of Profession; 5. Application of RP in finding events in aMore Info

Stellar Effects on Human Lives (KP)

Prof. K Hariharan

A new collection of 53 refreshing articles on stellar astrology. These are:       1. Marriage: Horary and Horoscopy, 2. Directional Method of Timing of Events, 3.More Info

New Horizons on Krishnamurthi Paddhati

Prof. K Hariharan

One more valuable addition to KP literature. The book contains following 23 articles using KP principles: 1. The Businessman and His Planets, 2. Influence of Neptune, 3. A Case of IncurableMore Info