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Predicting through Navamsa & Nadi Astrology

Chandulal S Patel

The Nadi Jyotisha is a unique system of astrology. The Nadi Granthas (books) on this system contain readymade horoscopes giving out the whole life reading with important events in life of theMore Info

Navamsa in Astrology

Chandulal S Patel

In Hindu predictive Astrology, Navamsa occupies an outstanding position and draws one's attention for deeper scrutiny and understanding. The Navamsa techniques are very many, as many asMore Info

Nadi Astrology

Chandulal S Patel

A long needed treatise on "Nadi Astrology" in English language. The Nadi Astrology is a unique system of Astrology. The books on this system contains readymade horoscopes, giving out theMore Info