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How to time an event

Dinesh S.Mathur

This is the first work in which an attempt has been made to scientifically put to practice concepts relating to progression only hinted at in Bhrigu Samhita of the hoary past. This is a uniqueMore Info

Vedic Progression

Dinesh S.Mathur

This book deals with Vedic progression. The Samhitas like Bhrigu and Arun,and the Nadis have used this technique to make astounding predictions relating to a very large number of birth charts thatMore Info

How to read a Birth Chart (Vedic Astrology made simple)

Dinesh S.Mathur

This is a primer for a lay man to pick up a rudimentary knowledge of Indian Astrology. Interest in Indian astrology has shown an astounding upsurge in the recent years. Books on the technicalMore Info