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Impact of Ascending Signs

V K Choudhry

How to analyse a horoscope in 3 minutes,suggested effective astral remedies specific for each ascendant,reason for miseries in the lives of natives born in Taurus,Virgo and pisces ascendants. More Info

How to Analyse Married Life

V K Choudhry

Guidelines to spot prominent events in life,planetary configurations for marital happiness and discord,astral remedies for solving marital problems,special reference to most malefic influence,caseMore Info

How to Identify Significant Events

V K Choudhry

This book deals with Tips for predictive accuracy, rectification of birth charts (through transit), case studies, dreaded concepts of Manglik & Sade-Sati discussed, application of remedialMore Info

System’s Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes

V K Choudhry

Integrated system’s approach, impact of mysterious Rahu, impact of exalted functional malefics, housewise analysis, deals with contradiction limitations and confusions, initiation ofMore Info

How to Study Divisional Charts

V K Choudhry

This book, which has been finalized after empirical studies, is primarily for meeting this demand through an integrated and systematically consolidated approach for analytically studying theMore Info

Self Learning Course in Astrology

V K Choudhry

Complete book for beginners and advance learners, must for those pursuing predictive accuracy, case studies pre-marital pleasures marital discord heart diseases. More Info