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Books by S. S. Sareen

Uttara Kalamrita of Kalidasa

S. S. Sareen

Uttara Kalamrita is an invaluable contribution in the field of astrology by the poet Kalidasa. Some authorities have expressed their doubts about the authorship in spite of the references in theMore Info

Jataka Desh Marga

S. S. Sareen

An outstanding classic on astrology, dealing with almost all subjects including yogas, dasa and transit analysis. More Info

Jataka Alankara

S. S. Sareen

 This Jataka Alankara by Shri Ganesh Kavi is a very concise compilation of Hindu Predictive Astrology in one hundred and ten Verses. The Adhyaya on Bhava Vichar gives the effects of the 12More Info

Chamatkar Chintamani of Bhatt Narayana

S. S. Sareen

 Bhatt Narayana has written his Chamatkara Chintamani in 108 Shlokas which he claims to have collected out of an ocean of four lac Jyoti Shastras. These are 9 Planets and 12 houses. Hence theMore Info