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by Hindu Astrology 12. January 2012 10:40

A fourth house Venus indicates emotional attachment with the home and family. A person with a fourth house Venus shares a harmonious relationship with family members. Such a person is truly attached to his home and seeks happiness at home. He likes to entertain his friends and create a warm and friendly environment for his closed ones. He is very closely attached to his parents. A well aspected Venus in this placement indicates inheritance through parents. Such a person is fond of living close to the nature. He is a born admirer of beauty and possesses a creative mind. A fourth house Venus suggests that the native’s life will be surrounded by beauty and comfort during the closing years of his life. A native with a fourth house Venus is an easy-going, handsome and a charming man. He is someone who completely avoids conflict at home.

A fourth house Venus makes a person peace loving who believes in mankind. He is kind hearted and non-violent in nature. Such a person leads a life with a balanced composure of mind. He is truly humanitarian and is emotionally attached to his land. He will be emotionally dependent on his partner. A fourth house Venus also indicates two marriages of the native. Such a person has a love of ease and needs a comfortable lifestyle. He creates an appealing atmosphere in the household. He spends his major share of income on making on the beauty and charm of his home. He pays special attention on decorating his home and feels proud about it. A person with this placement possesses a great ability to become an interior designer.

A person with a fourth house Venus shares a good relationship with his parents and may even benefit financially from them. He tends to create a home atmosphere that is cosy, tranquil and contains all luxuries of life. Such a person is fond of hosting private parties and makes a great host. A person with a fourth house Venus is sentimental and affectionate towards his spouse. Such a person does not give his heart out so easily, but when he does, it is with great emotions. He can easily become attached to his partner and will never let her go, no matter how bad the circumstances get. He is overly dependent on his partner for emotional support. The individual sometimes looks for a partner who also enjoys being at home, and they will enjoy romantic and cosy evenings in together.

A fourth house Venus is a fortunate position in respect to family and home. It indicates a happy childhood, contented family life and a loving relationship with the parents. If Venus in this placement is afflicted, then it may result in domestic turmoil or a broken home suggesting separation or divorce of parents. It can also result in over possessive behaviour.


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