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by Hindu Astrology 15. December 2011 11:45

Venus in the first house makes a native like-able by everyone around, magnetic, attractive, and charming person. People are easily drawn by their charm and unusual ways of approaching others. These people tend to attract others to them quite readily, and rarely get aggressive. They possess high degree of patience and tolerance level. On the negative side they have an  expression of superficial charm, a tendency to "play dumb" when in doubt or been challenged by others, two-faced and possess a passive-aggressive behavior. It is important for them to be liked by others and maintain peace. Sometimes, these people may feel resentment or restless and can give up very easily on others after a certain period of time. Their head and face are the most attractive features in their body. This is because the Venus is in the first house of Aries, i.e a  sign that rules these parts of the body.

People with Venus in the first house find difficulties in taking solid decisions, especially those which are related to them and their lives. Others find their personal sense of style and manner very fascinating. These people pay special attention to the things that can be beneficial for them and thus, are very opportunistic. The natives with this combination of planet and house have a great tendency to win people over any arguments. People find difficulty in resisting them due to their natural charm and magnetic personality. They are physically attractive and try to maintain their personality till the later years of their age.

Venus in the first house makes a native a great admirer of art and beautiful things. They highly appreciate the surroundings which is influenced by art and creativity. They are fond of purchasing beautiful clothes and all the other things that can enhance their charming personality. These people may be talented  in art, music, or other forms of art. Love life plays an important role in the life of the native, but feel a lack if they do not have any partner. Their appetite for life and for love is hefty, and believes in taking the initiative once they get comfortable with their  partner.

With Venus in the First House, the native possess a personal grace, a pleasing personality, and a friendly behavior. They are extrovert in nature and socially outgoing. They make friends very easily and are active in putting their efforts to develop friendship and romance. Their natural ability to gel well socially is likely to give benefits in business, romantic, and marital opportunities.


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