Scorpio in 2nd House | 2nd House Scorpio

by Hindu Astrology 25. December 2011 12:00

A second house Scorpio brings natural patience and potency to work hard and achieve goals.

People with this placement tend to be secretive regarding financial affairs and always put intense efforts in managing such affairs. Such people like to maintain their privacy and resent anyone prying into their business. People with a second house Scorpio fail to get the worth of their money and efforts. The native's concentration is solely on money and other resources that help in earning it. Despite of the natural inherent possessiveness, there can be some major ups and downs in financial life

A second house Scorpio indicates that the native has potential to work long and hard to earn his livelihood. He has natural patience that makes him work hard for long periods of time to get invariably good rewards for his work eventually. The native will have to keep a careful watch on his expenditures since he has a tendency to over spend on equipment and machinery for business purposes. People with a second house Scorpio are advised not to take any kind of undue risks related to work and business.

People with a second house Scorpio are resourceful and energetic in their means of making money. They possess an ability  to transform useless material into something valuable and useful. Most part of the money they earn is spent on their innovations and inventiveness at a rapid rate. Basically, such people are more concerned about their possessions and how to use them aesthetically to turn them into something of monetary value. They are often provided with money to satisfy their taste for elegant objects. However, they are ready to share these possessions with their partners and friends.

The greatest talent of people with a second house Scorpio is their ability to get to the source and utilize it in the best possible way. They are gifted with the ability to transform lead into gold by combining disparate forces. They can see opportunities at places where others see loss. It's not just a barrier against unwanted intrusion, but the key to your magical powers. People with a second house Scorpio can be sometimes objective about what others have to offer that enables to help them make the best of what they are. They should learn to measure their own talents without giving any cruel judgment. 


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