Parashara Hora - The Proven and Most Ancient Astrology Text

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The Vedic times are believed to be about three thousand years ago. Ancient sages of the Vedic times are called “Rishis”. They are believed to be the composers of most Vedic stothras or hymns that are practiced every day in many Hindu homes and temples. The author of this amazing work called Rishi Parashara Hora was one such eminent Vedic composer.


Rishi Parashara was the grandson of the Maha Rishi Vasistha and father of Rishi Veda Vyasa who coined the eighteen “puranas”. Puranas are compilations of ancient Hindu and Jain literature. There are believed to be post-Vedic texts which explain the origins and history of the Universe. Veda Vyasa is also believed to have composed many ancient monumental texts including Mahabharata, the esteemed Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatham. These texts are read or chanted by Hindus all over the world even to this day.


Hindu Astrology is very different from most other forms of predictive Astrology. Rishi Parashara is believed to be the main sage who described in large detail the entire theory that is followed in the predictions made by Hindu astrologers worldwide. His writings on predictive astrology came to be known as the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. Shastras are scriptures which detail specialized knowledge that are based on time honored principles.


The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra was created by Rishi Parashara in the form of a question and answer session between the Rishi and his follower Maitreya. This amazing astrological text is almost 5000 years old. Most astrologers trying to learn the basis of Astrology begin their studies with this classic. However, these classics are not created originally in written form. Most of the Vedic literature was created in hymn form so as to enable its passage from generation to generation.


This amazing text consists of ten important topics including the description of Grahas, Bhavas, Vargas and Rasis, precise techniques such as Ishta, Kashta, Subha and Ashubha timings, etc. Also included are the “Avasthas” meaning conditions necessary for accurate prediction, Yogas which may include the karmas of our previous existence, Auspicious timings, etc. Although there is no rigid proof that this entire astrological thesis was prepared by this eminent scholar, all by himself, its influence has been beneficial to billions of people in the world.

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