Mars in 4th House | 4th House Mars

by Hindu Astrology 12. January 2012 12:50

A fourth house Mars makes a person protective of his close ones. Such a person is intensely connected to his family and  friends. He acts as a protective shield for them. It is hard for others to understand his motive behind his actions. His actions are governed by his instincts. He does not prefer to do any work forcefully. Such a person might be passive-aggressive in his approach towards dealing with other, which could lead to resentments. Family dynamics are lively and often intense. The dynamic situations in the family can lead to arguments. A person with a fourth house Mars possesses high energy level for domestic projects or activities. He is the leader of home and works hard to maintain cordial relationships at home. Thus, he is more forceful in the matters of home than elsewhere.  

A person with a fourth house Mars is always concerned about home and family. He strives for independence early in life. He desires security at home. Such a person can sometimes be too demanding of those who are close to him. He must overcome his hidden antagonisms and quarrelsomeness. Strong emotions must be toned down and controlled. Such a person is very sensitive to environmental and climatic conditions. In youth he is very liable to get infections in the home environment, which may be due to unguarded water supplies and sewage. He should avoid getting into any kind of quarrels and discussions that could lead to the feeling of unrest and domestic dispute. It is hard for such a person to deal with domestic quarrels. He should try not to be too concerned about improper things in the environment.

A person with a fourth house Mars is inclined towards things connected with home, building, land, real estate, agriculture. Such a person likes to participate in public gatherings of an unruly nature such as, litigation regarding domestic affairs or family affairs. A fourth house Mars indicates fire damage to the home and attempted housebreak. Parents-in-law tend to play an active role in a person’s life with a fourth house Mars. Disrepute of mate with superiors will also be a matter of concern. The advantage or disadvantage through them depends upon the aspects of planets and their positions at a certain point of time. Businesses connected with mining, metal work supplies, farm fencing, cattle barns, storage tanks for acids, real estate will be beneficial for a person with a fourth house Mars.


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