Libra in 2nd House | 2nd house Libra

by Hindu Astrology 25. December 2011 10:00

A second house Libra makes a person balanced in life. Such people always work towards balancing the inflow and outflow of life. This can be explained in two ways : one is that when money comes in, they feel the need to spend it or do not spend until they have accumulated enough to justify the expenditure. Either way, their values are based on a deep-seated sense of justice and equality. A second house Libra cusp can also indicate a natural haggler.

People with a second house Libra are naturally attracted to the financial interests in life. A second house Libra makes a person balanced and harmonious in material affairs. They love to be involved in monetary dealings and have a great ability to manage them well. Such people are inclined towards luxuries and better amenities of life. Ironically, they do not want to work hard to accumulate finances. The native is generally fortunate in all money matters, and financial comfort is generally indicated, which flows to the native without too much fuss or effort. They avoid taking any kind of physical strain to accomplish their work. They want money that can come easily to them. The desire of getting easy money should be carefully watched, else the native can easily indulge into fraudulent dealings. Such people are easily reliant on others and seek financial help whenever needed.

People with a second house Libra are truthful and genuine in terms of relationship. They are good communicators of thoughts. They very well know how to maintain balance in communicating their thoughts as well.

A second house Libra makes a person balanced in terms of finances and relationship. It indicates good amount of accumulated wealth and fulfillment of desires. People with a second house Libra are able to maintain cordial relations with friends and family. Effortless wealth can be earned through speculations, investment or profession which does not require hard labour or work.  A strong second house Libra will make a person king, minister, administrator, manager, higher officials in government or private organization. They are capable and have the potential to win over others. 


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