Jupiter in 4th House | 4th House Jupiter

by Hindu Astrology 12. January 2012 15:25

A fourth house Jupiter makes a person generous, self-confident, hospitable and patriotic. Such a person is optimistic and confident about the things he is familiar with. He seeks a comfortable and spacious home environment. Prosperity usually increases in later years. Parents play an important role in shaping the personality of the native. A strong and faithful bond with parents is indicated with a fourth house Jupiter.

If Jupiter in the fourth house is well aspected, then the native will be guarded against becoming ostentatious and self-indulgent. The native is advised to settle down in his own birth place rather than relocating to some other country or state. Fortunes increase as the native gets older. Such a person may be greatly involved with his family traditions or nations. He has his own imaginary world and knows how to protect his emotions from getting hurt. He values his memories and has inspirational dreams. A person with a fourth house Jupiter likes to serve others without losing his own self respect.

A fourth house Jupiter indicates ownership of a large home with all modern amenities. It is the most fortunate placement in regards to home conditions. Luck and fortune grows with the age of the native. He is likely to receive inheritance from parents, possibly through land or possessions. Jupiter well placed in the fourth house brings luck, ease of working, comfortable life, safe home, financial security, loving partner and positivity in domestic life. This placement promises a satisfactory, fortunate and peaceful home life and family surroundings. The material needs are often taken care of under this placement.

A person with a fourth house Jupiter will have solid business possessions. It will run smoothly and may bring unexpected gains. The native’s life will be filled with opportunities to grow and become successful. Such a person is always surrounded by friends and passes his life in peace, wealth and prosperity. He is admired and respected in the society.

If Jupiter in the fourth house is afflicted, then he might have to face certain losses which can lead to bankruptcy. In this situation, such a person should avoid lavish and extravagant expenditure and over display of love. He is advised to relocate from his birth place as soon as possible to regain his lost respect in the society. 


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