Jupiter in 1st House | 1st House Jupiter

by Hindu Astrology 13. December 2011 18:15

Jupiter in the first house  brings good health and general fortune in life. It makes the native good-natured, broad minded, optimistic and spiritual in general form. These people love pleasure, particularly extroverts, and are fond of traveling. Jupiter when positioned in the first house plays an important role in shaping up the native’s personality. It can be both good or bad and depends on the experiences of life and how they are  handled. They focus much on the positive side of life.

As far as positive traits are concerned, a person with Jupiter in its first house is honest, trustworthy, and benevolent, and well liked and popular among friends and relatives. On the negative side they are self-indulgent, extravagant, or conceited. They have considerable executive ability and are therefore sought for positions of importance and responsibility. In  the later years of their life, these people tend to become stout and have to deal with a weight problems. High positions brings self-confidence and gives them the sense of dignity, especially in older age. 

People with Jupiter in their first house have strong religious or moral convictions, that gives them the capacity to become an authority or a leader in every field. This may be especially so in activities relating to religion, education or social development. Native with Jupiter in the first house has a magnetic personality, good grammarian, majestic appearance, highly educated, many children, learned, dexterous, long-lived, respected by rulers, philologist political success, sagacious, stout body, able, influential leader.

Moving or traveling abroad is often the focus of their life, since they are too adventures. The search for the truth begins from within if Jupiter is on the ascendant. They have a less serious and more light hearted approach to life. If Jupiter is highly elevated, received or dignified, celebrity and foreknown is possible, as a result they serve next to the throne. If Jupiter is out of sect, then the native becomes a searcher for the truth in unorthodox places, fearing no taboo, constantly restless in faith.

First house Jupiter natives  tend to be both energetically and physically large people. The closer Jupiter is to your ascendant, the more pronounced are the foregoing attributes. If Jupiter is afflicted, however the native needs to be careful of squandering resources, hypocrisy and self-centeredness.


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