Capricorn in 3rd House | 3rd House Capricorn

by Hindu Astrology 5. January 2012 17:10

A Third house Capricorn denotes a person with careful expression of thoughts and ideas. Such people resist or refrain from saying or writing anything unless required. Everything they do or speak has a relevant reason behind it. People with this placement are pragmatic. They have the wisdom to know when to speak, and when to hold their tongue. This makes them a superior communicator. They are very calculative and resistant in terms of expressing their feelings. Consequently, they find difficulty in trusting people soon. People around judge them as a secretive and a mysterious person. They choose their words carefully and are calculative while communicating their thoughts. Words are usually chosen for maximum affect that may even result in harsh and exacting speech. Due to their capacity of talking, less people may find it difficult to communicate with them. They can even be diplomatic in life to save themselves from hard feelings. Their calculative nature often acts as a shield to protect them from any kind of obstacles and hassles.

People with third house Capricorn may not be interested in schooling and learning things that may have restricted their ability to pursue higher education. Later in life, when this habit changes, they become dedicated to studies to attain ambitions. If they undertake any business, they tend to study it unless they know it perfectly. They may even follow a conscientious political career. They take their general life very seriously and work hard to achieve their goals. The memory is intensified and the native has a tremendous capacity for memorizing important facts. Third house Capricorn implies considerable amount of short distance travel associated with their profession. They are likely to earn their living through travelling.

In terms of relationships, people with third house Capricorn are submissive initially and hard to be understood. But, as the relationship grows they are able to create a sense of understanding and empathy towards their partner which helps them to build a strong bond. Since they are calculative in expressing their feelings, they usually do not prefer to be friends with every second person. Friendship is a long process for them which usually starts with observing other’s general behaviour.


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