South Indian Vedic birth Chart

by Hindu Astrology 2. February 2011 06:52

In prehistoric India, the enlightened astrologer performed a highly developed and classy system of astrology called "jyotishvidya". This Sanskrit word “jyotish” is now commonly called the vedic astrology. Vedic astrology is rampant in India until now. Jyotish is a Sanskrit word which means the Lord of light, since Isha means lord, jyoti means light and vidya means study. According to the holy scripture of ancient India, the Vedas were still the guide of the spiritual tradition. Therefore, Vedic astrology is an important aspect of the myriad contents in which south Indian vedic birth chart is a major part.

The Vedic astrology is based on the writings, orders and teachings of the ancient Indian sage Parashara and was put into letters by his disciples 3000 years ago. That is why, the vedic astrology system is considered as the oldest form of astrology in the world. As the years pass by, there are now some changes in terms of astrology system. However, no other form of astrological system can challenge the accuracy of this old method of astrology. The south Indian Vedic birth chart is the fundamental astrological horoscopes or birth chart in western astrology. The south Indian vedic birth chart is also called as the Vedic horoscope; the other name is janam kundli or janma kundali.

The south Indian vedic birth chart can predict the future of an individual, significant events, accidents, incidents and the goal of one’s life. The predictions will be based on the calculation of the position of celestial bodies like planets, sun, moon and stars at the time of birth.

In fact, there are different styles vedic astrology charts, the north Indian and the south Indian vedic charts. This is so, because the calculation of your vedic birth chart may vary in your place of birth, time of birth and date of birth. The south Indian Vedic birth chart will provide all the astrological information about the individual. Therefore, all single information that you have and all the details in your life either career, relationship, health, relationships, financial and whatever it is, you will know about your future because it can be easily predicted through the use of accurate vedic astrology charts.

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