Kundli Birth Chart Details Our Entire Life Plan

by astrowriter4 8. April 2011 09:42

Each of us has a different path to take in life. No one can tell us what to do or when to do it. As life takes us through the ups and downs, it is up to us to make decisions and move on towards our goal. Many of us feel lost in this maze that is life because we feel that our past decisions may not have been the best. However, we have to remember that we would make the same decisions if everything else remained the same: our attitude, our hopes, our intellect and our dreams. What we don’t realize is that we have a lot of help in life. In fact, we can easily get a complete plan for our life which will ease the pains of multiple mistakes that we may make without this guidance. This guidance comes in the form of a Kundli birth chart that is invaluable for any individual.


Each of us has a distinct, unique way of looking at life as well as living it. Some of us breeze through life with lots of hope and bravery while others are anxious about every little outcome of their decisions. The differences in our temperament, thought processes, attitudes, outlook etc are noted in our personality from day one. How do we know all of this before hand so that we can make our decisions wisely? One way is to make a Kundli birth chart as soon as possible. In many Indian families, the parents assign their family astrologer to create this valuable document which is a gem to treasure all our life. It is like having a lifetime guide telling you how to proceed on any decision that you may have to face in life. What better way than having a lifetime guidance counselor by your side to face the challenges of life?


Kundli birth charts detail our life even before it starts. When a baby is born, the family astrologer usually creates the Kundli birth chart by describing the child’s future in great detail. This information includes the child’s temperaments, likes and dislikes, attitudes, goals, luck, prospects for jobs and vocations, intelligence and chance of achieving significant success in life, prosperity, marriage options, possibility of children, outlook for health and longevity issues and many other options that most of us do not even look for. This is a map of the life of that lucky child whose parents would consider the child’s advantages and disadvantages before any important life decision is made.

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