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by Hindu Astrology 18. February 2011 08:25

It is a truth that all families nowadays check kundali of both girls and boys before marriage for avoiding future problems due to mismatch. For checking kundali match time of birth of both persons are needed. Astrologist will check the kundali match using planetary positions of both cases and compare the matching possibilities which are required for a happy life. Nowadays free online janam kundali helps to check kundali matching easily. This is more convenient and anybody have less computer knowledge also can check it from home or internet café. Famous astrology sites like gives exact report in such cases. Also the site gives other reports like daily horoscope, monthly report and also yearly astrological predictions.

The main factors in vedic astrology kundali matching is varan, tara yoni, vasya, grah maître, bhakoot, nadi and gan which has specific points and calculations are made according to that. There are 36 points out of which minimum 18 must match for a perfect married life. If the matching is below 50% then it is better to avoid the marriage between such persons to avoid future problems. We can check the details of such matching using free online janam kundali within short span of time. For checking online we have to mention details in the birth chart. Birth chart or natal chart contains the planet positions at the time of birth according to the place of birth.

There are options to download or to take print out the free online janam kundali report which is available in and can save it for future reference. We can see many numbers of sites giving astrological information but it is important to select a good and genuine one for our needs as we need accurate and correct information as it is the important thing in our life. Just entering our birth details we can access complete report of our kundali from these sites. Some web sites give brief free online janam kundali report and ask for registration with payment for more details. So a person can register there and make payment to get more details easily which is tension free.

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